Saturday, 17 December 2011

FAB News!!!!!!!

I am still laptop-less,have indulged wayyyyyyyy too much over the festive season thus far,but I finally have some GOOD,albeit non weight related news to share.......


After all the stress,tears,angst,empty pockets and emotional binges we are finally on track to be going back to Sydney :))))))))))

BEST Xmas pressie EVER!!!!!!!!

So,I handed in my 4 week notice yesterday and we are looking at going home the first week of Feb,2012.

I can not tell you how unbelievably happy I am,the smile hasn't left my face and I have been on an absolute euphoric natural high since Weds.

Plus I haven't slept much at all in the last few days due to excitement.

As for the weight,I have a feeling it will slowly be falling off now........


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