Saturday, 31 July 2010

First day of Gym Bunny Ahoyness and WI results.

Image by Jennifer Ishida

My first official day at the gym and I felt the burn baby,I FELT THE BURRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

Now don't laugh,as it was only my first day as an uber unfit uber heavy lass but this is what I managed -

* 25 mins solid walking on the treadmill at a power walk pace (for me)

* 15 mins on the cross trainer/elliptical thing.My legs were burning after 5 minutes but I pushed and pushed and sweat like a beeatch.
*10 minutes on the bikes.I didn't like them.I'll try again - maybe I hadn't set myself up comfortably on it.
* 20 minute constant swim.

So a 70 minute workout.Not bad for a first day.Eats were all healthy and 'clean' chocolate today!

Now i need some inspiration as to what workout songs really get you pumped.

For me at the moment its (guilty pleasure)

* The Pussycat Dolls - I thinks it's more the mental image of those skinny sexayy beeatches that pushes me on.'Pussycat Doll body,Pussycat Doll body' is the mantra that goes through my head when they come on my Ipod.OK,they're a bit too skinny and ripped for my liking,but still I wanna be able to kick my leg up behind my head at a perfect 90 degree angle like Kimberly.
* Various operatic Gothic metal - try it.It's surprisingly quite motivating.

* Any of the big showstopper,preferably musical derived,songs from Glee.

* Anything by Pulp,Pearl Jam,Metallica,Rodrigo y Gabriela.
* God's Kitchen Pure Trance Classics. * 80's cheese.
* Marilyn Monroe,Ella Fitzgerald,Billie Holiday,Etta James etc. Even though they are quite slow just the thought of working towards becoming as gorgeously sexy and sassy as them is motivation enough.Just a shame I'm totally tone deaf.

So what's on your workout play list?

Oh! And I nearly forgot.........weigh in!
I weighed myself at my usual Boots store and lost 5 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't believe it was possible and thought it may have been a cruel trick played on me by the cashiers who see me come in each week,so I weighed in again a couple of hours later.
Lo and behold I have lost 5 pounds!!!!!!!! In a week!!!!! And that's pre - Gym.Just by walking and making wiser choices. Back to the gym tomorrow if my body hasn't totally shut down.

This is why you should stay away from alcohol kids!!!!!

This is the reason why you should not drink Strawberry cider followed by vodka cocktails followed by sake (or 2 or 3) and more vodka cocktails and a jaeger aperitif.Damn that stubborn Aries fire,always having to prove a point!

And yes I was that drunk I misspelled chocolate.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Gym Bunny Ahoy!

Well,I am home and hosed and survived my Gym induction................AND a 40 minute swim.......all after an 8am - 8am sleepover.And I FELT THE BURRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

It sounds quite contradictory when I'm on this whole weight loss lark,but for a larger lass I've never really been self conscious on the beach or at the pool.I figure my ample bosom and tattoos are distraction enough :) And a lot of my much slimmer friends have commented about how confident I come across.I know how to dress for my shape and without sounding incredibly egotistical I know I don't scrub up too badly as I still get asked out on dates and have many a flirtatious encounter.

Another factor may well be because up until I was 26 my relationships were all with women and women are so much more complimentary and accepting and supportive of each other.We don't care about each other's wobbles and curves,and and women are more vocal with their compliments........or maybe it's just Scottish men.....or my Scotsman in particular that seem to have an aversion to complimenting their good ladies.

So the pool is never a problem for me but I must admit I was quite self conscious while awaiting for my induction.Not so much body wise but more for the fact that everyone else seemed so fit and I would just be a red,sweaty mess after 5 minutes.

But then when i actually went around the gym I saw people of every shape and size and fitness level so that silliness has been dissipated.I'm there for ME.To get healthy and feel less sluggish.To improve my asthma and fit into my curvaliscious dresses.

Speaking of which,I need to curb my E-bay/Collectif addiction.3 more dresses to add to my 'I will fit into' wardrobe.BRING ON THE FABULOUSNESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I've officially become.............

A Gym member.............for a year! Next I'll be drinking protein shakes and saying stuff like 'Feel the burrrrrrrrrrrn'!!!!!!!!!!!! *shudder*

Induction on Friday.Will blog all if I survive.

Monday, 26 July 2010

A possible self-fullfilling prophecy?

I had an awesomely freaky dream last night...............
It was Christmas time (when I'm going to see my parents).I was at goal,lovely and Monroesque curvaceous but much more slimmed down -just how I imagine myself to be.I was wearing my Tango dress,all dolled up and 1950's fabulous and getting my goal tattoo done at the very tattoo place I have chosen to get it done at.AND the tattoo was exactly as I have pictured it.

See a very similar dress in action

Weird.My dreams are usually a total mish mash of psychedelia.
Feeling very happy though as maybe this is a sign I will actually stick to this and get to goal.......finally!

P.S. I know there is now way i will get to goal in 6 months,but even if I can just be a few stone slimmer I'll be happy.

P.P.S Thanks Erin for the Green Monster recipe and advice.I'm defo going to try one on Weds.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

A Question About Green Monsters....

I've been reading many rave reviews about Green Monster Smoothies and how beneficial they are.I'm trying to eat more fresh veg and cut down on meat,so they seem the perfect way to get more iron in my diet.I'm just not convinced about the taste.

Are they palatable? Does the spinach really impart no taste? What fruit ratio do you use?

Also,I had an inadvertent day totally on track yesterday.........

B: 2 x Wholemeal toast with light Dairy Lea cheese triangles

Walking group for service users at work - 2 hours brisk walk pushing a wheelchair.

L: Chicken - mayo - sweetcorn panini

D: Steamed asparagus,carrots and broccoli with a potato

S: M & S low fat Greek yogurt with mango and passion fruit compote (I'm freaking addicted to these things - they come in strawberry and morello cherry too.All 3 are absolutely delish)
Punnet strawberries.
Fresh OJ

GO ME!!!!!!!!!!! Let's hope I can stick to this.I bought another 1950's dress on E-bay to fit into.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Plan Of Action for July

So yeah,I've totally fallen off the wagon for the umpteenth time.It's now 5 months until I see my parents again and I also have a new motivation.

My bestest friend in the entire world is coming all the way from Sydney in October! We've known each other for 13 years and she is just FABULOUS.Even though we hadn't seen in each other in 5 years when I went back home in March 2009,it was just like we'd seen each other the day before.Test of a true friendship.In fact it was the same with my other 2 best mates so I must have awesome taste in friends ;P

So that's 3 months till I see her and 5 months till I see my parents.Time for some serious focusing....

* I will finally join the gym (I'm only working 3 - 4 days a week,although they are sleepovers and 13 hour days,so that's plenty of time for the gym and swimming)
* I will plan,plan,plan my meals and cook and bring all my food and snacks to work,so temptation is avoided.
* Cut down on meat and dairy.

I think those 4 steps are enough to focus on now.Oh and of course,I will update this blog regularly with how I'm going.

Well,that's all for now.I'm off to peruse the latest issues of Slimming World and WW magazines while watching 'There's No Business Like Showbusiness' as the rain pelts down outside. (Typical Glasgow 'Summer'!)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Hola,Guten Tag,Hiya

I'm still around!!!!!!!!!!! Just totally caught up in World Cup mayhem and service user holidays.normal service will resume next week! xx