Friday, 30 July 2010

Gym Bunny Ahoy!

Well,I am home and hosed and survived my Gym induction................AND a 40 minute swim.......all after an 8am - 8am sleepover.And I FELT THE BURRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

It sounds quite contradictory when I'm on this whole weight loss lark,but for a larger lass I've never really been self conscious on the beach or at the pool.I figure my ample bosom and tattoos are distraction enough :) And a lot of my much slimmer friends have commented about how confident I come across.I know how to dress for my shape and without sounding incredibly egotistical I know I don't scrub up too badly as I still get asked out on dates and have many a flirtatious encounter.

Another factor may well be because up until I was 26 my relationships were all with women and women are so much more complimentary and accepting and supportive of each other.We don't care about each other's wobbles and curves,and and women are more vocal with their compliments........or maybe it's just Scottish men.....or my Scotsman in particular that seem to have an aversion to complimenting their good ladies.

So the pool is never a problem for me but I must admit I was quite self conscious while awaiting for my induction.Not so much body wise but more for the fact that everyone else seemed so fit and I would just be a red,sweaty mess after 5 minutes.

But then when i actually went around the gym I saw people of every shape and size and fitness level so that silliness has been dissipated.I'm there for ME.To get healthy and feel less sluggish.To improve my asthma and fit into my curvaliscious dresses.

Speaking of which,I need to curb my E-bay/Collectif addiction.3 more dresses to add to my 'I will fit into' wardrobe.BRING ON THE FABULOUSNESS!!!!!!!!!!!


Claire M said...

I totally had that self- consciousness about looking all under pressure around all the fit people!! But ya gotta get red n sweaty to get fit eh?! You're gonna be a real gym bunny soon judging by how well you're feeling! Keep us in the loop- I really enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for your comment earlier! It's cool to know someone's reading your silly ramblings!! P

Florrie said...

you're not the only one with an collectif addiction :p
I have the same dress in three different prints!