Friday, 22 October 2010

WI and gym bunniness.

I know it's a day early,but I won't be able to weigh in tomorrow - 1 pound off! Not too shabby considering I've not been extremely vigilant with my eating (so hard to eat healthy on an extreme - week - till - pay - day budget)

I did another gym session today.25 mins each on the treadmill and cross trainer.Another session planned for Sunday and I'm going to start a fitness class.Moi! A gym class! It's body balance,just what I'm needing at the mo as work is uber stressful right now.Just a whole load of bitching from older women (45 +) who should know better.Usually I can let things wash over me and not get too stressed coz I just don't get involved,but it's getting really vicious lately.I just want to get through Xmas and then I may look for another job if things don't calm down.

Anyways,back to the class,apparently you don't have to be fit to do it so hopefully I don't make an absolute arse of myself.

Anyways,dinner calls so I shall sign off for now.xox

I have 100 followers!!!!!

This is apparently a pretty monumental thing in blog land,soooooooooo watch this space as I will be having a wee,but very Miss Frangipani-esque giveaway for all you loyal followers who keep following the starts and re-starts and continue to amaze me by actually reading my ramblings and commenting.I truly do appreciate it and as such,before I forget,this giveaway will be open to any followers anywhere,as I know I have totally awesome readers from all over the planet.

No one I know,as in my face to face daily life knows that I blog............not even the Scotsman or wee sister Re.Even when I'm at home with my flatmates I try and not let them see any of the blog.I don't know about you guys,but I guess it's just because this is the one platform I have to be
completely open and honest.And yes,the Scotsman and I know each other inside out,but being of the male variety he just does not 'get' this whole weight loss thing and everything it encompasses,psychologically as well as physically.

Maybe when I've actually made the half way point I'll tell him and Re about it.But for now,it's just me and you lovely readers :D xoxo

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

No more...................

excuses,fart-arseing about or general laziness.

I walked down to the gym with my flatmate - an hours round trip.Then eased myself in with 25 mins power walk on the treadmill and 20 mins on the x-trainer.

Very chuffed with myself and all pumped and motivated to get back to operation pin up/gym bunny :D

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Where I'm at............

Well the semi - good news is that in 5 weeks of inactivity,excessive drinking and eating I've somehow managed to put on 2 lb's...............far less than I thought of physically feel.

The good news is that my eating has been on track for the last 3 days.Bad news is I haven't been to the gym - yet.I have the flat to myself today and have no intention of leaving the house whatsoever today and just being totally decadent.DVD's,face masks and WW message board and blog catch ups methinks.OH!And I've totally stuck to my no -ready meal challenge.

The last 2 weeks have been a total whirlwind.Worked a 75 hour week before my best friend came all the way from Sydney for a whirlwind 3 day trip.Intense eating,drinking and catching up.Then back to another chaotic week.

I have been relief,full time for the last 2 years and so work as many shifts as I can while they are going,as we have the threat of budget cuts looming over us.I have finally got a permanent contract - albeit 16 hours,but it's working with children which I much prefer.Unfortunately though,I still need to work crazy hours while they're going to make up to full time hours and to have a bit of a nest egg when the cuts come in.

So today will be a day of catching up and finding new blogs,planning meals and new recipes to try.Sorting out my diary with scheduled gym visits and just relaxing and re-charging and getting motivated and back on track!

Friday, 15 October 2010

I don't know much about the ins and outs of American politics but this man is truly amazing.........

Saturday, 9 October 2010

I know,I know.........

I've been an extremely shite blogger/weight loser/gym bunny/pin up wannabe.

I had that damn chest infection for a week and the past week my fabulous best friend has been here all the way from Sydney.Cue a lame ass excuse to eat and drink as much as I wanted.And NO GYM!!!!!! FOR A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a positive note.................I MISS THE GYM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate feeling sluggish and unfit.

I hate feeling bloated and crap from all the drinking and non - clean eating.

On another note.I've been doing something I haven't been doing for a while...........leaving the house with a full face of make up.

I'd fallen into the trap of thinking that I don't 'deserve' to look after myself or be pretty because I'm fat.I keep buying nice dresses and things in smaller sizes for when I lose weight and 'deserve' to look good,instead of focusing on looking nice NOW.I can't remember the last time I bought myself something nice to wear at night.I hadn't bought myself any new foundation or liquid eyeliner in a year because I didn't think I deserved to look pretty and take pride in my appearance and spend time on myself because I'm fat.It's so stoopid and irrational but it's changed in the last few weeks.

I went out and treated myself to a new,good foundation and bronzer.I finally bought the Shiseido liquid eyeliner I'd been wanting for ages and I've been taking time out and PRIDE in spending time on my appearance and getting myself all glammed up and pretty for ME.No one else but me.Although the compliments certainly do help ;P

And my thinking is turning.......I do deserve to be pretty and proud no matter what weight I am and I've made a vow to myself that I will spend time on myself more because it makes me feel good.As my favourite quote goes 'When I was 13 I became beautiful,not because I was,but because I CHOSE to be'.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

I'm back on the wagon people.Had a mega busy few weeks,finally feel back to full health and am ready to re-start operation Gym-Bunny.

Blog all on Saturday..................