Friday, 22 October 2010

WI and gym bunniness.

I know it's a day early,but I won't be able to weigh in tomorrow - 1 pound off! Not too shabby considering I've not been extremely vigilant with my eating (so hard to eat healthy on an extreme - week - till - pay - day budget)

I did another gym session today.25 mins each on the treadmill and cross trainer.Another session planned for Sunday and I'm going to start a fitness class.Moi! A gym class! It's body balance,just what I'm needing at the mo as work is uber stressful right now.Just a whole load of bitching from older women (45 +) who should know better.Usually I can let things wash over me and not get too stressed coz I just don't get involved,but it's getting really vicious lately.I just want to get through Xmas and then I may look for another job if things don't calm down.

Anyways,back to the class,apparently you don't have to be fit to do it so hopefully I don't make an absolute arse of myself.

Anyways,dinner calls so I shall sign off for now.xox


Ginger said...

How great that you are heading back to the gym. You need to remember that you are starting a new goal, focus on where you are today and don't give yourself negative talk. One step at a time to a healthier self should be our goals. Good luck.

Rapunzel said...

Congratulations on the loss!! xoxoxox

xx_Nikki_xx said...

ive done body balance before...its great and you come out totally relaxed! xx