Sunday, 19 September 2010

Uber,uber,uber quick update!

I finally am starting to feel (after nearly 3 weeks!) that this chest infection is going away and I'll be able to hit the gym soon.About time too,as I've managed to gain 2 lb's in these 3 weeks.

On Monday I'll hopefully also be hearing some good news work wise,so keep your fingers,toes crossed and send me some good vibes :D

That's all for now,as I am off to enjoy a decadent Sunday with my gorgeous man.


Monday, 13 September 2010

I'm still here!

Still coughing my lungs up,and still missing the gym.

It's been an eventful weekend.My German grandmother passed away peacefully in her sleep at the fantastic age of 91.We knew it was coming and she was tired of life and just wanted to join her beloved again.I can't even imagine the things she would've seen in her life and to have gone 25 years without her love by her side.

It wasn't so much of a shock as Om Ondos and to be honest,I wasn't as close to her as I would like to have been.She was so typically German and when we visited her or she visited us,she always kept us at arms length as she was afraid of getting too close and therefore making it harder to say goodbye and be so far apart.I never understood it and it's such polar opposites to my Indonesian grandmother.You would think being so far apart would make you more determined to forge a closer bond and make the most of the time spent together.I'm just happy we got to see her one last time,last summer and she got to meet the man who has made her oldest grand daughter so deliriously happy.

Speaking of which,it was his 36th birthday yesterday.Lucky B*d looks not a day over 25 and still gets ID'd.We had a wonderful night celebrating with a BBQ with his twin sister and her partner, and his niece.

A good time was had by all but I am totally paying for it now.Didn't even have the energy or will to go and weigh myself.Hopefully this illness is on it's way out and I'll be back to operation pin up girl-gym bunniness again!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Uber Quick update

I lost a pound this week! Would have been happy with just a STS due to no gym and not particularly good but not completely crap eating so uber pleased.

Then I came home to a cheeky note from one of my flatmates about housework.She's been unemployed since January and basically needs to GET A LIFE!!!!! Or even better still,a F*%KING JOB!!!!!!!!! Just what you want to read after a 60 hour week and when you're still feeling like crap.I will always put my hands up and admit that I am not the tidiest,most organised person,but when it comes to communal areas,I do my share and stick to the cleaning rota.This note was basically talking crap!

It's hard enough sharing with 2 others,even though we do get along 99% of the time.I just miss having the flat to myself at times especially when one is unemployed.She's just always there.My heart sinks a little when I climb up all my stairs and open the door and see her keys on the hall table.It's really been getting on my tits lately.I'm lucky enough that I have the biggest room with a telly,DVD,laptop etc. to keep me sane and entertained.

I'm so freaking over flat sharing.I wish I had the money to afford my own place or for the Scotsman and I to finally move overseas,but alas,that's the situation till at least next July,so frustrating.

I'm sure these bitchy feelings will all pass,but in the meantime,how do you cope with flatmates?

I'm off to peruse my new Nigella cookbook 'Kitchen,recipes from the heart of the home',just arrived today.Nigella always cheers me up :D

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Ugh! How can I feel so ill when I've been so healthy!

I feel horrible and as such haven't been to the gym since last Tuesday...........OK,that's more to the fact that I've been either working sleepover shifts or getting horrendously drunk.This head cold is not at all alcomohol related,I swear.I've been feeling like shite since Tuesday hence me being MIA.

Normal blogging will commence shortly.

In the meantime,I've been sticking to my September challenge and whipped up some super easy soups........

Carrot and ginger - Chop carrots and some fresh ginger,I left the skin on my carrots for extra goodness.Boil in stock and blend.Simples.

Sweetcorn - Boil some corn (I used frozen as I had that on hand) in your chosen stock and blend.