Thursday, 2 September 2010


Ugh! How can I feel so ill when I've been so healthy!

I feel horrible and as such haven't been to the gym since last Tuesday...........OK,that's more to the fact that I've been either working sleepover shifts or getting horrendously drunk.This head cold is not at all alcomohol related,I swear.I've been feeling like shite since Tuesday hence me being MIA.

Normal blogging will commence shortly.

In the meantime,I've been sticking to my September challenge and whipped up some super easy soups........

Carrot and ginger - Chop carrots and some fresh ginger,I left the skin on my carrots for extra goodness.Boil in stock and blend.Simples.

Sweetcorn - Boil some corn (I used frozen as I had that on hand) in your chosen stock and blend.


Bethanny said...

Feel better! On the plus side, maybe the cold will knock about 3 pounds off. Happened to me once, and I tried really hard to get a double dose of that germ!