Monday, 22 February 2010

WI Day

It's with some trepidation that I am typing this.Not been such a good weekend.Rest of the week has been fine,walked and swam at least 4 hours this week.However,had a mini binge on Fri night - 2 wispas and a large pack of wotsits over a 6 hour period,but still utterly stupid.

Was very pissed off and angry and upset,as plans with the Scotsman had to be cancelled due to some %*£@ calling in sick,and him being the manager having to cover it.It was so stupid of me,it didn't make me feel better,didn't hurt the cow that (constantly) called in sick in any way,and didn't change the fact that I was spending Friday night alone.

Saturday was takeaway night,which I forgot,so I hadn't brought anything in with me.I think the rest of the day I was eating well and I did do a massive walk and swim on the way to work.Sunday,was a lovely sister arvo.Lunch at the Malaysian cafe and a cheeky scone afterwards at Princess Square dahlings.Again,I think the eating for Sunday was OK.2 slices of toast in the morning and low fat cereal for dinner.

So it's a mixed bag and I really don't know what to expect.My crazy 10 day week is coming to an end however,and pay day looms,so I will be concentrating on getting exercise in a regular routine,eating and cooking properly and planning.Even if it's just a few days at a time in advance.

Wish me luck,I'll report all later.xo

Monday, 15 February 2010

Check out my ticker!!!!

14 pounds lost in 6 weeks!!! That's a stone,right? (Can't get my head around the imperial system)

A stone in 6 weeks! STOKED! Official weight is now 18 st 12lb

No swim yesterday,but I did the half walk home - 40 mins.My head w
as bursting after work with all the politics and bitching and general shite,that I just wanted to get home and chill out and forget all about it.Silly of me really,as the swim would probably have done me good and cleared my head.I'm usually quite good at not letting work invade my personal life and infringe on my fitness goals but it just sometimes gets too much even for a laid back Aussie.Back on the fitness wagon on Thursday.Double shifts the next few days.

Had a lovely Valentines night.The Scotsman loved his surprise dinner (candlelit and all).And to my absolute surprise,he gave me a beautifu
l,romantic,nearly soppy card,complete with it's own red velvet bag/envelope thing.This is the first time in 3 1/2 years we've ever done the whole Valentines thing.WE'RE TURNING INTO ..................... SAPS!!!!

I figured it was time to post up some pics,so here are the most recent I could find...........

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Romance,romance and more romance.....of sorts.

Valentines day looms.....for 2 years I went on and on to the Scotsman about how commercialised and insincere Valentines day was,then we finally got together (which was my first serious relationship - I didn't do commitment,just flings and purely physical relationships - don't judge me,I was young and doing it on my own terms.No one was to get in the way of my travel goals.) and all that went out the window.

Yes,while I do think you shouldn't need one day to tell the one you love how much they mean to you,I have been suckered into cooking a surprise romantic meal for him nonetheless,and I even found myself buying him a pink,heart themed (yikes) Terry's chocolate orange and a box of ferrero rochers (his 2 faves).

See,I don't like hearts and roses and all that fluff.I do absolutely adore the old romantic classic films,but they are what they are.Purely fantasy escapism.To me romance is about all the small things and spontaneaity.I don't much care for diamonds and all that jazz.I don't want an expensive bling bling engagement ring,I'd rather spend the money on a spectacular and adventurous honeymoon.The way in which he proposes is far more important to me.

Spontaneously getting taken out for lunch or dinner,for no reason at all.Or the Scotsman has,on several occasions remembered daft things like a bag,CD,book,or some kitsch item etc. that I've seen and lusted over in shop and remembered and presented it to me unexpectedly a few weeks or months down the line.Or coming grocery shopping with me,which he hates with a passion,so that I don't have to carry my own basket (not very feminist of me,but I think it's very sweet.He knows I'm a woman that can hold my own,but is just being gentlemanly) Spur of the moment day trips away just the 2 of us.Always holding doors open for me and letting me enter first.Walking on the pavement closest to the curb,because a gentlemen in the old days would do that so if a car came by and drove through a puddle the lady wouldn't get splashed on.All these little things are what constitutes romance for me,especially from a man that the majority of the time is an emotional robot ;P

And I don't do romantically soppy Valentines cards.Last year I found a wonderfully childishly,funny Vimrod one involving a 'fart of Valentine'.And this morning I found the best anti-soppy- but totally sexy and funny valentines card to top off last years.I don't know if it's too cheeky and risque to post up on here.
Don't want to offend my lovely readers :D

On the weight loss front,another 40 minute walk to the leisure centre after work and a 35 minute swim yesterday.I've finally got myself some goggles on Ebay,which will make my swimming life much easier.Not to mention the fact I'll work harder on my freestyle as I'll finally be able to dunk my head under water.

No exercise planned for today.First Sat off in ages,nothing planned for tonight :( Though today I had an amazing lunch out with my sister at Rumours,Kopitiam - Malaysian Cafe(Check it out if you're in Glasgow).Indonesian and Maly cooking is extremely similar and it's the closest to home cooking like my mama used to make us.Indonesians are extremely tiny in both girth and height and have an amazing metabolism that burns up the fat and coconut milk that unfortunately,most delish Indo food is drenched in.I,of course got the German girth and metabolism and the Indo height :(

No breakfast today,due to a stonking hangover (not drank in 3 weeks,my body must have detoxed and lost it's iron liver!) and a 0 point soup defrosted for dinner,so hopefully I should be OK.

Oh,and here's a NSV for ya.....I got asked out by an utterly gorgeous man whilst shopping at the supermarket of all places! Ironically I was shopping for a romantic home cooked dinner for the Scotsman and I.Very sweet and unexpected and an amazing boost for the self esteem.All this walking,swimming and healthy eating must be working! Plus I just feel happier and more confident because I feel myself changing and getting tiny,tiny,tiny bits fitter.

Just 2 weeks and my Ventolin usage and stair to wheeze ratio has been reduced.
My sister noticed today that little weight loss and I can always tell if she's lying,so that's a second compliment in just as many days.I've even decided to give a Zumba class a go with her.Only £4 a class and looks like so much fun.I have the co-ordination of a giraffe on ice,but what the hell.Why didn't this all click sooner?????

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The elusive stone is still being evasive :(

A gain of a pound this week - had a Chinese on Sunday night and a won ton soup and a few chips with the residents at work on Friday's take away night.Bugger.You see,I've been so damn GOOD!Perhaps time to track my eats again.

My week has looked like this..........

Thurs:Lot's of manual labour - steam cleaning,moving furniture and lugging a huge ass steam cleaner up to a 3rd floor flat.
Sat:40 min walk
Sun:40 min walk
Mon:40 min walk,45 minute swim
Weds:40 minute walk,45 minute swim.
Today (Thurs):50 min walk

Oh well,maybe my body will catch up with itself next week.

That last quote I posted about results or excuses really resonated with me.I nearly didn't go for a swim yesterday after a super stressful,long day at work (8am-11pm,sleepover,then 7am-1pm) coupled with only a few hours sleep due to emergency gas roadworks - a few staff members smelled gas when going out for their fag breaks,ensuing in an emergency call out at 9pm and a jackhammer to dig up the pipeline.

But then I thought to myself,no.Work takes enough out of me in terms of time - 2 1/2 weeks without seeing the Scotsman,emotion,physical energy and spiritual energy,by which I mean the politics and expectations of the job.

So I convinced myself to plug along,as this was me time.And I'm so glad I did.Emerged from the pool with a clear mind and a happy attitude.Plus I really enjoyed myself.And I didn't feel self conscious at all,there were people of all shapes and sizes and ages and fitness levels.Same goes with today's walk,mighty glad I did as even though it was bitterly cold the sun was shining.The collage is some of the sights I saw on my walk.

Another 40 minute walk and swim planned for tomorrow and Sunday.Sat is a day off so not sure what my motivation will take me to do.xo

Saturday, 6 February 2010

I've just realised.............

11 lb's is my 10%! I've achieved something :)

I woke up this morning and was thinking up a million and one excuses not to walk half the journey to work.Then I spoke to the Scotsman who proceeded to tell me how wet and freezing cold it was outside.This seemed like an out of body experience as :
(a) I found myself telling him that I'll just put my waterproof on (which he knows I hate with a vengeance as I feel I look so dowdy and daggy in it) and just do it,as if I don't start there will always be an excuse not to do exercise.

(b) He then said,oh well,good for you darling,it will take you no time.I said 'no time for what?' And he said,'no time at all and you'll lose pounds and get fit and healthy.You've done amazing so far.'

Scrape my jaw off the floor! Words of encouragement from my Scotsman?!?!?!?!? Don't get me wrong,he is wonderfully loving and supportive of everything and anything in my life......he just never actually articulates it out loud.....with sentences.Pretty much a typical Scottish man,so I've been told ;P

So,I'm off to get a supply of ventolin from Boots and resist the temptation of weighing myself early,and then setting off on my walk to work,praying that the Scottish rain doesn't open up on me.

Oh,and I found this quote on the Aussie WW boards,
while I was contemplating to walk,or not to walk "You can have the results you say you want, or you can have all the reasons in the world why you can’t have them. But you can’t have both. Reasons or results. You get to choose." Susan Carlson

That's a virtual kick up the ass if ever I did hear one :D xox

Thursday, 4 February 2010

How many points for being a Domestic Goddess?

No exercise today :( We're looking for a new flatmate and as a result,we've spent the day blitzing the flat.Total blitz.Hired a steam cleaner and all.So today has consisted of......

* Lugging a huge,industrial steam cleaner up to a third floor flat,by myself.
* Pushing and pulling and re-arranging furniture in every room of the flat (and this is a huge 3 bedroom tenement flat)
* Hoovering half the flat,3 times over with the heavy,water filled steam cleaner

Surely there were some calories burnt during this domestic - goddessathon?

I'm shattered but yet filled with satisfaction that my once studenty - dive looking flat is back to a girlie home.I think this time we will look for another female.3 females in a flat? Any thoughts? Does it work or become a bitchfest?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I think there's something wrong with the scales........

4th weigh in result................. 3 lb's off!!!!! Total 11 lb's in 4 weeks! Nearly a stone! Stoked! OK,enough exclamation marks.I'm just so happy and proud,as this is the longest time (yes,I know it's only a months,but stay with me) that I've consistently lost,consistently ate well the majority of the time (gotta focus on not skipping meals,inadvertently or not!),consistently worked in some sort of exercise,even if it's just getting off the bus a stop earlier,consistently GONE WITHOUT CHOCOLATE!!!!!Oh,and my once - tight jeans are now falling off my ample ass! :D

And I'm still focused and happy and eating more fruit and veg and less crap - wotsit's are my only vice now.The chest is just about cleared up.Day off tomorrow,so I will do a DVD and burn some calories doing some long neglected housework.

Double shift Fri. then a night out,so that and Sat. is pretty much a write off.Will attempt the half walk home from work on Sunday and Monday.Can't remember what the rest of the week looks like,but i think it's a little less crazy than this week past.

So,bring it on! Let's see a stone off by next weigh in :D xox