Saturday, 13 February 2010

Romance,romance and more romance.....of sorts.

Valentines day looms.....for 2 years I went on and on to the Scotsman about how commercialised and insincere Valentines day was,then we finally got together (which was my first serious relationship - I didn't do commitment,just flings and purely physical relationships - don't judge me,I was young and doing it on my own terms.No one was to get in the way of my travel goals.) and all that went out the window.

Yes,while I do think you shouldn't need one day to tell the one you love how much they mean to you,I have been suckered into cooking a surprise romantic meal for him nonetheless,and I even found myself buying him a pink,heart themed (yikes) Terry's chocolate orange and a box of ferrero rochers (his 2 faves).

See,I don't like hearts and roses and all that fluff.I do absolutely adore the old romantic classic films,but they are what they are.Purely fantasy escapism.To me romance is about all the small things and spontaneaity.I don't much care for diamonds and all that jazz.I don't want an expensive bling bling engagement ring,I'd rather spend the money on a spectacular and adventurous honeymoon.The way in which he proposes is far more important to me.

Spontaneously getting taken out for lunch or dinner,for no reason at all.Or the Scotsman has,on several occasions remembered daft things like a bag,CD,book,or some kitsch item etc. that I've seen and lusted over in shop and remembered and presented it to me unexpectedly a few weeks or months down the line.Or coming grocery shopping with me,which he hates with a passion,so that I don't have to carry my own basket (not very feminist of me,but I think it's very sweet.He knows I'm a woman that can hold my own,but is just being gentlemanly) Spur of the moment day trips away just the 2 of us.Always holding doors open for me and letting me enter first.Walking on the pavement closest to the curb,because a gentlemen in the old days would do that so if a car came by and drove through a puddle the lady wouldn't get splashed on.All these little things are what constitutes romance for me,especially from a man that the majority of the time is an emotional robot ;P

And I don't do romantically soppy Valentines cards.Last year I found a wonderfully childishly,funny Vimrod one involving a 'fart of Valentine'.And this morning I found the best anti-soppy- but totally sexy and funny valentines card to top off last years.I don't know if it's too cheeky and risque to post up on here.
Don't want to offend my lovely readers :D

On the weight loss front,another 40 minute walk to the leisure centre after work and a 35 minute swim yesterday.I've finally got myself some goggles on Ebay,which will make my swimming life much easier.Not to mention the fact I'll work harder on my freestyle as I'll finally be able to dunk my head under water.

No exercise planned for today.First Sat off in ages,nothing planned for tonight :( Though today I had an amazing lunch out with my sister at Rumours,Kopitiam - Malaysian Cafe(Check it out if you're in Glasgow).Indonesian and Maly cooking is extremely similar and it's the closest to home cooking like my mama used to make us.Indonesians are extremely tiny in both girth and height and have an amazing metabolism that burns up the fat and coconut milk that unfortunately,most delish Indo food is drenched in.I,of course got the German girth and metabolism and the Indo height :(

No breakfast today,due to a stonking hangover (not drank in 3 weeks,my body must have detoxed and lost it's iron liver!) and a 0 point soup defrosted for dinner,so hopefully I should be OK.

Oh,and here's a NSV for ya.....I got asked out by an utterly gorgeous man whilst shopping at the supermarket of all places! Ironically I was shopping for a romantic home cooked dinner for the Scotsman and I.Very sweet and unexpected and an amazing boost for the self esteem.All this walking,swimming and healthy eating must be working! Plus I just feel happier and more confident because I feel myself changing and getting tiny,tiny,tiny bits fitter.

Just 2 weeks and my Ventolin usage and stair to wheeze ratio has been reduced.
My sister noticed today that little weight loss and I can always tell if she's lying,so that's a second compliment in just as many days.I've even decided to give a Zumba class a go with her.Only £4 a class and looks like so much fun.I have the co-ordination of a giraffe on ice,but what the hell.Why didn't this all click sooner?????


Fiona said...

It is all those little things that mean true romance :) How lovely that your Scotsman does them for you!

And well done on the compliments!!!

Rapunzel said...

I am a hopeless romantic, I admit it, but I agree that it's the little things done daily that count.

Still, Happy Valentines Day to you and your Scotsman! xoxoxo