Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The elusive stone is still being evasive :(

A gain of a pound this week - had a Chinese on Sunday night and a won ton soup and a few chips with the residents at work on Friday's take away night.Bugger.You see,I've been so damn GOOD!Perhaps time to track my eats again.

My week has looked like this..........

Thurs:Lot's of manual labour - steam cleaning,moving furniture and lugging a huge ass steam cleaner up to a 3rd floor flat.
Sat:40 min walk
Sun:40 min walk
Mon:40 min walk,45 minute swim
Weds:40 minute walk,45 minute swim.
Today (Thurs):50 min walk

Oh well,maybe my body will catch up with itself next week.

That last quote I posted about results or excuses really resonated with me.I nearly didn't go for a swim yesterday after a super stressful,long day at work (8am-11pm,sleepover,then 7am-1pm) coupled with only a few hours sleep due to emergency gas roadworks - a few staff members smelled gas when going out for their fag breaks,ensuing in an emergency call out at 9pm and a jackhammer to dig up the pipeline.

But then I thought to myself,no.Work takes enough out of me in terms of time - 2 1/2 weeks without seeing the Scotsman,emotion,physical energy and spiritual energy,by which I mean the politics and expectations of the job.

So I convinced myself to plug along,as this was me time.And I'm so glad I did.Emerged from the pool with a clear mind and a happy attitude.Plus I really enjoyed myself.And I didn't feel self conscious at all,there were people of all shapes and sizes and ages and fitness levels.Same goes with today's walk,mighty glad I did as even though it was bitterly cold the sun was shining.The collage is some of the sights I saw on my walk.

Another 40 minute walk and swim planned for tomorrow and Sunday.Sat is a day off so not sure what my motivation will take me to do.xo


Luccii said...

What job do you do?

GlasgowGalah said...

I'm a support worker for adults and children wth learning disabilities.The chldren I look after have very complex needs and end of life issues.One is bsically palliative care.Lot's of medication administration,gastrostomy tube feeds,measuring up meds precisely to the millimetre etc.Huge responsibilities and lot's and lot's of training for average pay.But then it's a not a ob you do for the ££££.Would love to go into nursing but I've not got the stomach for blood and injuries.xox

Jaframity said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your week. You definitely deserve to devote time to your own needs too. keep plugging away, and that stone will soon be gone.

Fiona said...

I am glad the exercise made you feel good! Great scenery on your walk!!