Thursday, 4 February 2010

How many points for being a Domestic Goddess?

No exercise today :( We're looking for a new flatmate and as a result,we've spent the day blitzing the flat.Total blitz.Hired a steam cleaner and all.So today has consisted of......

* Lugging a huge,industrial steam cleaner up to a third floor flat,by myself.
* Pushing and pulling and re-arranging furniture in every room of the flat (and this is a huge 3 bedroom tenement flat)
* Hoovering half the flat,3 times over with the heavy,water filled steam cleaner

Surely there were some calories burnt during this domestic - goddessathon?

I'm shattered but yet filled with satisfaction that my once studenty - dive looking flat is back to a girlie home.I think this time we will look for another female.3 females in a flat? Any thoughts? Does it work or become a bitchfest?


Rapunzel said...

we now have 4 females living in a house together, all of them related. Honestly, it works out really well because we're all so freakin' busy we barely see each other *and* we have our own rooms.

Of course, one week a month gets a little crazy around here and the menfolk are driven out of the house but other than that..wink..

GlasgowGalah said...

Thanks Rapunzel,I think we are definitely leaning towards an all female household.The 2 of us work different shifts and have our social lives on top of that,so if we can find another lady who works and has a life it should work out females just seem to have an in-built housework gene.