Monday, 21 May 2012

Hey guys,

I know,I know.I've been a totally shite blogger but there's just soooooo much happening and we have no internet yet.I'm working 6 days a week as the Scotsman's quest for work has been a little slow.

Things are falling into place or us,albeit a lot slower than we thought.But the main thing is we are in Sydney,we have each other,our own little place and we are getting married in 10 weeks! EEK!

I seriously miss blogging and venting to all of you and to hear how you are all doing.

Oh,and I've been walking at 5am,5 days a week and doing Zumba without gving anyone an accidental black eye! haha! There is even a girl far more un-coordinated than ME!

Anyways,I am still around and itching to blog,but alas it will have to wait.I'm on twitter @msfrangipani if anyone wants to keep up with my incessant rambles.

Miss you all.xoxoxox