Saturday, 28 August 2010

To sum up August

* I have (shock - horror - the sky is falling) joined a gym...........for a year.
* Even more shocking I am loving it and the feeling of pushing myself that wee bit further.In fact I haven't been since Tuesday and I miss it.
* My asthma is improving already and i no longer need a tank of oxygen after I climb the stairs to our 3rd floor flat.
* 4 colleagues have noticed I've lost weight.
* I've lost 1 stone 1lb/7kg/15 lb's.
* I've been asked out by a very handsome and polite gent (his approach was to hold the door of a shop open for me and offer to carry my basket,even though he wasn't going in) total boost for the ego and self esteem.
* Walking an hour to walk at the sickeningly early hour of 7 am is becoming habit.
* Eating cleanly and 5 portions of fruit and veg is now habit (with the odd croissant and Vodka thrown in for good measure).
* Mentally I feel more like my happier,laid back Aussie self.

Generally,I just I feel damn GOOD!


Lexie said...

Yaaaaaay for joining up for the gym! I never thought I'd enjoy it but now I really do and miss it when I can't get for what ever reason.

Lex xxx

Emma said...

good for you! and 7kgs well done!! you'll be wiggling around in that collectif dress like a pin up gir before you know it!

Claire M said...

swit swoooo!! get you! well done and keep up the good work.xo-C.

Rapunzel said...

Way to go, lovely lady! I adore the occasional addition of croissant and vodka..a girl after my own heart! ;)

Roo said...

You have accomplished so many great things, congrats on your fab month!

I wish I could say that my 5 a day is habit. You have given me hope :)


Roxie said...

August was a good month for you!

Just think about how great September is going to be ;)