Monday, 2 August 2010

No Gym but a lovely Date Day :D

Had a great lazy date day with the Scotsman today.We just wandered about the West End,which is the posh part of Glasgow.I live in the South Side which is a little rougher and working class but has more character and ethnic diversity which I love plus there's a real sense of community.It's hard to describe,but I love it.Having lived in the East End (where my man is from) when I first came here and worked in the North I would have to say moving south was the best move ever.

The community consists of people from all over Scotland,plus Asian,African,E.European,I've even heard a few Aussie accents about!My in laws were shocked when they came over from the E.End that various shop keepers would say hello and knew us by face,would enquire about work and how my sister was doing (she lives here too).I love that about the S.Side.Apparently that just doesn't happen in the E.End.Plus we have a fab farmers market and beautiful park on our doorstep

The W.End is more ethnically homogeneous - mostly white Scottish and more socio economically well off.Nice for visit and I do love a night out there,but my heart belongs in the South.It's full of loads of cute trendy cafes,quirky wee shops and boutiques, ethnic food shops and a shedload of health-organic-deli type shops - I finally found the elusive Almond milk that I've been reading about on many American blogs but it was £3.50 for a wee carton!!!! I'll be sticking to soy or rice milk.

As we slept through breakfast we treated ourselves to a nice brunch in a lovely French patisserie I love.I've managed to stay within points with all the walking today and the gym activity.I really didn't want to eat into those too much,but I still have about 12.

So,I had a ham,cheese,mustard and bechamel croissant.Not a wise choice but i knew I would be within points,and half a glass of cloudy lemonade.After walking about for a few hours I had a mocha and a raspberry and white chocolate muffin.

Olives,prosciutto ham,manchego cheese,Portuguese mackerel pate and nice French bread for dinner tonight along with a blueberry cider and a raspberry and lime cider,all pointed up.
Not the healthiest day,but still within points and tomorrow I've somehow managed to save 12 points (berry salad for lunch and lot's of veg,soy yogurts and pretzels for snacks).

Long day at work tomorrow but I'm prepared.Might try and take one of the ladies for a wee walk - pushing a heavy wheelchair surely constitutes a workout? Bring on the fabulousness!xox