Friday, 20 August 2010

Just some random happy mutterings

Now I know you're not supposed to,but I needed to go past the local Boots I weigh in at and decided to go and take a sneaky peek.I'm so freaking glad I did coz I've apparently lost 2 lb's!!!!!!!! I know it's not an official weight loss,but it was the boost I was needing to get my mojo back.And back it came with a vengeance!
I did a monster workout at the gym.1 hour and 40 mins of cardio - 50 mins of treadmill and 50 mins on the cross trainer plus some weights.I'm stopping the swimming after my workouts as my body is simply too tired after a gym workout to complete any laps,maybe it was too much too soon.I'll try again a few months down the track.Oh,and I plan to get up that wee bit earlier and walk to work tomorrow.

Stopped by Lidl on the way home and got this mega haul for just £12! 2 punnets each of nectarines, blueberries and raspberries. A punnet of strawberries, organic carrots, sweet peppers, fruit and nut muesli, pitta breads and some broccoli and cauliflower.

It still confounds me that it's so much cheaper to eat crap,frozen meals and take aways in the UK than to eat healthy,fresh food.The abundance of Iceland and Farmfoods stores make me sad.I understand that families on a budget need these stores,but with Lidl and Aldi about selling super cheap,fresh veg surely it's just as easy and cheap to cook from scratch? I've had this argument many a time with the Scotsman as he grew up in a very poor East End Glasgow family,although Lidl and Aldi weren't around when he was a boy.

I once worked with a guy who had never eaten a mango.A mango???? It's hardly that strange or exotic like dragon fruit or rambutan that while common in Oz,especially amongst the SE Asian community,not heard of over here.If you have any Chinese grocers near you please try these and also mangosteen which is one of the most delicious fruits ever.Queen Victoria apparently offered a monstrous sum to anyone who could bring one over from Indonesia unspoiled.I also currently work with ladies that have never ate,let alone heard of,butternut squash or sweet potato!!!!!

In other news,whilst at the gym a video clip came on (it's permanently tuned into the Dance Music channel which basically equates to soft porn which is a very good motivator,seeing all those perfect bodies prancing about in bikinis) with this girl with uber cool hair.It was half black and half pink,literally straight down the middle.I missed the name of the song and can't find any images online,so this is the closest I got.................

LOVE IT! Might add it to the list of rewards when I get to goal - Louboutins,new wardrobe,total spa day pamper session and new hair.And I totally wore that shade of lipstick constantly back in the 90's,with fire engine red hair and leopard print skirts.Thankfully I grew up and developed good fashion sense.

In sad news,it seems the Vengaboys really are back in town.Check it out for yourself here,if you dare............


Roo said...

I can't agree with you more. When people say its cheaper to buy fast food (currently) it really niggles at me. All around London and Essex are stall upon stall of grocers selling bowls of fresh produce for £1.... £1! I refuse to buy pre-made food because it doesnt always work out cheaper and is full of chemicals.

Congrats on your fab work out. I can't wait to see your hair when you do get it done!

Neen said...

Hey thanks for stopping by the blog, the hair in that pic is fab! you should totally get it done!
right i'm off for a good look around. x

GlasgowGalah said...

Roo,it's frustrating isn't it? Especially here in Glasgow it seems people live off fat and stodge and chippie dinners.Bleuch.I hate the after taste and that greasy feeling in your mouth.Just today I saw a young (skinny,I don't know how!) woman with 4 bags stuffed to the brim from Farmfoods.What could you possibly get out of there that could fill 4 bags full?!?!?!?

We are just totally spoilt in Oz with cheap,fresh,good quality and fab tasting fruit and we get really unusual,exotic fruits too due to the big SE Asian community and our proximity to that region.

As for the hair I think I will totally do it - maybe even when I'm halfway.I really liked the hot pink on the girl in the video plus she was about the same colouring as me,so I could maybe carry it off.

Neen,just discovered your blog through Keeping Slim and getting Stylish.Love it! and your loss is fantastic and inspiring :D

Thank you ladies for dropping by and commenting.xx

Rapunzel said...

I totally agree with you about junk food being so..well, cheap! You get what you pay for, I guess. It is tough to provide healthy, affordable meals for the whole family but it *can* be done and it's certainly worth the effort!

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