Thursday, 26 August 2010

Yay me! ;P

I've lost a pound shy of a stone!!!!!!!!!! In pretty much a month! Yay me!

Just a quick one today.Yesterday and today have been days off from the gym as I've finally seen my Scotsman after nearly a month.We spent the day at our favourite French Patisserie/cafe in the West End and then basked in the warmth sipping on coffees as big as our heads before strolling down to Ashton Lane for a few vodkas in the sun.

My favourite bar Wodka Vodka does wicked,super cheap cocktails,but I showed some restraint and had just 1 while the rest were vodka,soda and limes.Totally paid off too as I managed to have a croissant for breakfast as well as an awesome grilled chicken burger from Ketchup and stay within points.Today is just a day in relaxing and planning meals and shopping lists in keeping with my challenge.

And I'm in the process of starting a recipe blog tying in with my new rec
ipe experiments and cooking challenges.Will let you know when it's up and running

** A colleague at work named me Miss Frangipani the other day in homage to all the frangipani's I wear in my hair,in my ears,on my handbags etc.I like that,and it sounds much better than Glasgow Galah,hence the name change.


Claire M said...

Loving the name change!Very cute!
Well done you on the weight loss and the restraint booze-wise!All payin off!x

Roxie said...

mmm Vodka.

Love the name change too! I think it's cute :)

How much is a stone btw? I'm a silly American.

Roxie said...

Regardless of how much it is...

GRATS! all losses are good losses :)

Miss Frangipani said...

No worries Roxie,I'm used to kg's so I'm only JUST getting used to stones and pounds.1 stone = 14 lb's or 6.35 kg's.And thank you!

Thanks Claire.I actually really enjoyed my Vodka,Lime,Sodas - the sun and warmth helped too.Taste kind of cocktailish so I didn't feel too deprived.xox