Sunday, 22 August 2010

I'm becoming a MACHINE!

OK,maybe not quite,but 2 hours at the gym is now becoming habit and I actually look forward to it and more surprisingly,am enjoying it :D

I've noticed tiny wee changes in my health too.I'm using my ventolin less,shaved 5 mins off my walk to the gym from work and didn't need my puffer at all.

And in most exciting news,today I totally pushed myself on the cross trainer to do 50 mins!!!!!!!!!
Practically in a row too - just a wee 2 minute breather while I set up the machine again (it's only programmed for 20 min intervals).Totally epic achievement for me.Plus 50 mins treadmill and about 15 mins weights.This time I tried the machines for my legs too.

Back tomorrow,Tues and Fri.Not too shabby :D Signing off now as I am too knackered to attempt any more writing without it being utter nonsense.xx


Emma said...

wow girl you're turning in to a regular gym bunny!! you'll be in that collectif dress before you know it! xx

Seren said...

Hi there! Found your blog through a link on a recent post of Linz's and I absolutely love it! Well done you on embracing gym bunnyhood :-)


Claire M said...

that's some good workin' out!! well done!