Sunday, 15 August 2010

Trashtasticka aka when Steph was a chav for a night.

I'm back from Amsterdam! It was a really lovely trip,we all got closure and sent Om Ondos off just the way he would've liked,with lots of makan makan (food),stories and memories,tears,laughs,bad fashion,drama queens,a day out in gay Amsterdam and most of all family and friends.

The family bit of which I haven't had in a looooooonnnnnnnnng
time. Sure I have my sister and the Scotsman,but there's a hell of a lot of cultural differences between Indonesians/Australians and Scottish people.It took 2 years of being in a relationship (plus 2 years previous of friendship) before I met his family.I actually spent 3 Christmases alone here!!!!!!!!!!!

That would NEVER happen in Australia and in Indonesia I think it's actually a crim
e punishable by death to knowingly leave someone alone at Xmas/birthdays etc.Although I must give my Glasgow dwelling Swiss friends their due - I was invited every year to Switzerland for Xmas,it just wasn't financially possible.

I just really miss the warmth of big family gatherings and even my Indo culture,a lot of which the Scotsman doesn't understand.Plus the quality of life in Europe just seems sooooooooo much better than here.We've all promised each other to come over and visit more often and keep in contact more frequently.The Scotsman and i are planning to work somewhere in Europe and bugger off out of here,so,you never know - Amsterdam may be a possibility.

I didn't eat as badly as I thought I would've,lot's of good home cooked Indo food.No deep fried croquettes or frikadelle (Dutch sausages) or the famous butter cake or apple tarts.

So tomorrow I will push on and as Om Ondos would've
wanted,to be as faaaaaaaaaabulous as I can be darlings.In the meantime,here's some trashtastika photos.............................

I would show you the bedazzling bejewelled white chav jeans close up but I wouldn't want to frighten you with a close up of my arse! That's my gorgeous wee sister btw.Don't know what I would do without her over here,let alone on this trip.Love ya Natey!!!! P.S.She's too young and hip and fashion conscious to bother with tradition.So I was the one left to look like a fool.

Hanging out with my cousins,wee sis and nephew (?) - he's my cousins son?

My fab Uncle Donny,Om Ondos's kindred spirit,companion,carer and all round great friend.And yes,the chav jeans made a repeat performance - it was gorgeously warm and sunny so i thought they were apt.

There's no such thing as too much food in an Indonesian household.


Emma said...

Hi Galah glad things went well in amsterdam and you sent your om ondos of in style. i love your chavtastic look!

p.s i think your cousins son would be your second cousin. not completely sure on this though!

Claire M said...

great post. again, i love your attitude. you seem like both a positive and realistic person. glad you sent your uncle off well!
i say make the jump on the europe move as soon as you can!if not for the lifestyle, do it for the weather!! having lived in spain,ireland sometimes sucks!!:P