Monday, 9 August 2010

Another FABULOUS blogger and losing that sense of style

First of all I have to say a HUGE thank you to the absolutely awesome Claire.She always comments on my posts and is so encouraging.You should check out her blog,it's utterly fabulous and witty and she's the kinda girl I'd love to have with me on a night out.Thank you Claire for all your comments.We can totally do this! But I have to say lady,you look absolutely gorgeous as you are!

She's recently written a post which could've come straight from my brain about confidence,and losing your sense of style as you gain weight.I sooooooooo know where she's coming from.

I think I may have blogged before about how I used to have my own style.I used to get my hair done religiously.Never left the house without make up (though that may be more to do with immaturity than weight.I now know to let my skin breathe and only wear make up when I'm not working),always in pin up style skirts and heels,painted nails etc.

Now the only thing
s that remain are bright,bold colours,red lipstick and I never,ever leave the house without a flower in my hair.I've always loved exotic flowers,it must be the islander gal in me.It's my one concession to glamour even when I'm working.

I'm kinda obsessed with
frangipanis.Always have been,even when I was a little girl (leopard print too apparently).Anything with a frangipani and I must have it.The UK is finally starting to catch up and slowly frangipani scented things are trickling in.I've told the Scotsman as soon as we get our own place in Oz we must get a frangipani tree and a Great Dane..........the dog is a mutual agreement.Not so sure about a big F-Off frangi tree.

Anyways the point is,I've lost my style since I moved to Glasgow and gained all this weight (sorry Glasgow,but my weight is defined as 'Australia weight' and 'Scotland weight'.) My wardrobe is limited to what fits,rather than what I like and my night outfits are an embarrassing rotation of just 3 outfits.I'm no longer physically comfy walking in heels,finding 50's clothing is an impossibility,and I just generally don't take care of my skin or hair like I used to.......but!
That's all changing.I've got scheduled girlie me time for face packs and general skin and haircare.

And as you all know I've joined the gym and I can actually see how people get addicted.I LOVE it! Not so much the burning muscles,jelly legs or sweating like a beeatch,but the pushing myself just that notch faster or 5 minutes longer and the feeling that I am doing something for myself and getting closer,albeit slowly,to my goal size.

Todays workout was: * 25 minute walking to the gym

* 50 mins on treadmill

* 20 mins on the cross trainer-torture contraption
* 20 mins swim
and about 15 minutes weights for my arms.

Eating has been good too: B: Raspberries and blueberries and a soy yogurt
L: Baguette with grilled chicken,light mayo and half fat cheese
D: WW Beef hotpot but it was minging so I only ate the potatoe topping

S: Wotsits x 2 mini bags

Finger's X'd for a more than 2 lb loss this Sat.I know that down the line I'll be happy to be consistently losing 2 lb's a week but I just want a biggish loss to kind of psychologically kick start my mental state.xx


Claire M said...

awwwwww!! <3
I am SOOOOO chuffed for the shout out. I love that Blogger is a place for like-minded people to support each other and follow each other's journeys. I love your blog and am sooo glad you're enjoying mine!
Oh and I'm loving the gorgeous flowers!x