Thursday, 26 August 2010

Blog Awards :D

The Scotsman is occupied with the Europa League qualifiers on the telly,so I can finally get round to this post................

So yeah.......Wow guys,I've got 3 blog awards in the last few weeks or so,a belated thank you to these lovely ladies.......
Linzerello,Lexie and Ruby Rach.Thank you so much,I'm chuffed! Ruby Rach is a beautiful Australian girl with a fab vintage blog,Linz and Lexie are are gorgeous gals on a weight loss journey too,both with inspiring losses racked up already.

So the rules are:

1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

10 things I like

1. TRAVEL/BACKPACKING.My dad left Germany when he was 21 and lived in all sorts of far flung places,from the Caribbean,to Bali (where he met my Mum) to Hong Kong (where I came into the world),before finally settling in Australia.So far my adventures have taken me to Borneo,Indonesia,Malaysia,Burma/Myanmar,Thailand,Vietnam,Cambodia 3 times when I was 21,23 and 24.Cuba,Hong Kong,China,Mongolia,Russia,Estonia,Lithuania,Latvia,Poland,Czech Republic,Austria,Germany,France,Ireland,Netherlands,Portugal,Belgium and of course I've travelled around Australia on many family holidays and explored Scotland extensively.

2.SYDNEY.My home.I grew up there from when I was 1 till I left for adventures and Scotland at 24.I really miss the lifestyle,the varied cultures,the beaches,weather and of course my family and friends.

My gorgeous Mama and Pa barchen

My absolute best friend in the entire world,we've known each other 13 years and despite the distance we're as close as ever.Isn't she just fabulous?

3. MY SCOTSMAN - He's the complete and total polar opposite to me,physically,emotionally and mentally.We have absolutely nothing in common and Aries - Virgo and Monkey - Tiger combinations apparently should be avoided at all costs,but for us it somehow works.We compliment each other like ying and yang,and despite the differences have only ever had 3 real arguments in the last 6 years.It seems history is repeating itself as there are many parallels with my parents relationship and us.I can't wait for him to become my husband.


Claire M said...

you're the Aries right?

Miss Frangipani said...

Sure am hon,we both have very typical traits of our Zodiacs.x