Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Thank you,thank you,THANK YOU ROO!!!!! (Awesome hair follow up)

The wonderful
Roo has managed to find out the song that I was talking about with the girl with the awesome hair.And as such I've managed to track down pics of her uber cool hair.I want,I want,I want!

The song is called 'I'm in love' (Alex Gaudino Ft Maxine Ashley).If you want to youtube it.



Roo said...

Her hair is pretty freaking cool!


GlasgowGalah said...

It's defo going to be done when I get to goal.I just need to be patient and leave my hair alone for the next year so they can bleach the crap out of it!xox

Ruby Rach said...

Hi chicka, I just nominated you for a blog award! You're doing a fantastic job on your weight loss, and I envy your commitment.

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