Sunday, 1 August 2010


For some reason I was up bright and early this Sunday morning at 9:00 am and just couldn't get to sleep.Sooooooooo,I went to the gym!!!!

I managed: * 25 minutes on the treadmill
* 25 minutes on the bike (It was as I thought - I'd not positioned myself properly)
* 10 minutes of weights - just for my arms
* 30 minute swim

Now I ache all over.

I actually was all revved up to do some more on the elliptical thing but I thought I'd better not push my body too much in the first few days.

I also had my first Waitrose experience today.Glasgow has only had one open up a few months ago.Perfect social analogy of the complete and utter difference between the 2 major Scottish cities:There are no Primarks in Edinburgh but they have Waitrose and Harvey Nicks.Glasgow has PLENTY of Primarks and no Harvey Nicks or Waitrose (till now)

I FREAKING love that place.Unfortunately my wallet will probably only stretch to one wee visit a month.I got some Agave nectar for sweetening my hot caffeine fixes and cereals,tastes very nice - not at all like honey which I was dreading as I'm not a big honey fan,as well as some fruit puree things which I used to LURVE at home even though they are reminiscent of baby food.

Managed to avoid the chocolate and dessert aisles completely which is a big mental breakthrough.Came away instead with fruit and soy yogurts.Trying to steer clear of dairy as it mos def does not agree with me.Will let you know how the soy alternatives go.

Off to try and glean some sympathy from the Scotsman and maybe convince him to give my poor muscles a massage.