Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A few quick NSV's

Today I did the grocery shopping for the service users and one key requirement in a team consisting mainly of women is a truckload of biscuits.The sweeter the better,the chocolatier the better.I came back with about 5 different packs of biscuits and I did NOT:

* Immediately attack them the minute I got through the door,even though I was starving.
* When we had our afternoon tea,I managed to happily satisfy my afternoon slump with just a teeny tiny (this thing literally was minuscule) chocolate-caramel shortbread and a toffee apple shortbread.All accounted for and pointed up.
* I didn't touch them the rest of the shift and stuck to all the snacks I brought in with me.

I found out the Scotsman's work schedule is fcuk'd up again due to a shitey asshole deputy manager and we will not be having any days off together or possibly even seeing each other for at least 3 weeks (which totally sucks as we don't live together and rarely see each other as it is) and plus I checked my bank account and wayyyyyy overspent on the card - yet another skint 3 weeks ahead.

Instead of burying my feelings in food,primarily sugar and chocolate,I faced them and worked out a budget.As for the Scotsman and I,well that still totally sucks but I didn't eat my feelings. And finally,I actually am craving the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a horrible day at work today and I kept thinking how good it would feel to stomp it out on the treadmill or thrash it out in the pool.WTF?!?!?!?!