Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Ditzy Moments and Crap Diet Books to Avoid

I can be quite a ditz at times.I consider myself quite well read ,worldly and without sounding like a total egoist,intelligent and I have the University Challenge scores to prove it!...........albeit from the comfort of my own couch playing against the Scotsman,but still,my other geeky friends have never managed to score as high as me ;P But nonetheless I can be extremely ditzy at times.World knowledge and useless facts 1 - common/practical sense 0.

I've been quite miffed at the gym machines as I have been working hard,heart rate high,muscles burning and sweat lashing off me,yet the calories I'm burning seemed quite low in comparison to my physical effort.Then today i figured out that you could input your weight and age into the machine................lo and behold my calories burnt rose in proportion to my physical exertion.Happy days.

Ditzy moment number 2,I thought replacing milk and yogurts with soy products would replace the calcium and benefits of dairy that I'm missing out on.But good old google has pointed out to me that it doesn't.DOH! Of course it wouldn't,it's made from a
bean!!!!!! Why the hell would I think that!

In other news,I walked halfway to work yesterday at the ungodly hour of 7:15am - 25 mins

Today was: 60 mins treadmill

20 mins cross trainer

15 mins intense weight training for my arms

15 min swim (my poor body was telling me to rest)

As with any girl trying to lose some pounds I've read quite a few diet books lately.I don't know why - I know what works for me and what I need to do.Most of them are crap and here are 2 to avoid.............

Neris and India's Idiot Proof Diet.I found it at a second hand bookstore so thankfully I didn't waste too much money on this crap.I had sooooo much hope for it,cute,witty writing and the authors themselves had lost a tonne of weight,but alas it's just basically Atkins which I know works for some but I just don't trust a diet where fruit is seen as evil.

Secondly was
How To Eat Like A Hot Chick which I was given as a gift.Now I REALLY had super high hopes for this one - pin up girl on the cover,SATC style writing,a promise of how you can eat what you want and still lose weight (yeah,I already know this from WW, moderation, moderation, MODERATION!). However it was full of foods you could and absolutely couldn't have,and basically crap information like:

* Cheese is evil,but you can have as much Parmesan as you want to.

* Mayonnaise is evil.

* Anytime you are hungry and tempted to stray eat a pound of spinach.

* No cocktails whatsoever.

At this point I lost interest.I KNOW that this is probably why skinny girls are skinny and why I am fat but I do not want to be skinny and live by stringent rules and a life of forbidden foods.I'd rather be a size 14 and be able to east cheese on the odd occasion and enjoy a cocktail or 7 on a night out.


Claire M said...

"a cocktail or 7"! haha!! love it!