Thursday, 26 August 2010

Blog awards continued

4. MY GORGEOUS WEE SISTER,NATEY - There's 7 years difference between us and like the Scotsman we are total opposites.The Scotsman and I joke that he's with the wrong sister,she's much more suitable for him :P Joking aside,she' moved over here a year ago and it's made living over here so much easier.I LOVE our sister time spent together,watching cheesy films,cocktail nights or window shopping at posh stores - Louboutins for me and Chloe bags for her.Having a sister is so awesome.

Yeah,she's like Zoolander.She can only do the one pose,in the one direction

5. TATTOOS - I got my first when I was 21 and since have collected 7 fro
m around the world.They each have a special meaning to me and signify different stages in my life.

6. COOKING AND BAKING - I'm a total foodie,hence my current predicament.Dad is a chef and is your typical German-strong-like-an-Ox build.Food is a huge
part of Indonesian culture,so this combination has led to total epicurean tendencies.

Excuse the horrendous appearance - that was my annual Christmas baking box and spring rolls production

7.GOOD OLD ROCK N ROLL - When I was a teenager I harboured dreams of becoming a female rocker as good as Slash.Unfortunately I am completely tone deaf and not at all musically inclined so those fantasies have to be lived out in my head whilst rocking out on the Elleptical to various rock and metal on my Ipod

8.THE 40's AND 50's - James Dean was my dad's hero and mum loved all the classic films,so maybe that's where this fancy started.I can't remember,but I've always loved the classic films and styles of the 40's and 50's.The hair,make up,dresses,peep toe heels and total ladylike elegance of the ladies who could still cut a man down with a sharp one liner.I remember on the weekends back home there would
always be a classic film on the telly in the afternoon.Ms Monroe,Marlene Dietrich,Bette Davis and Ava Gardner would be the favourites if I had to choose.

9. FLOWERS - It runs in the family.All the women...........and some of the men,mostly on my Indo side,love wearing bright coloured,flower print batik and flowers in their hair,on their wrists,around their necks etc..The brighter and more colourful,the better.I'm a little obsessed with Frangipani's.In fact I just got a parcel of more frangi bracelets delivered today.I can't leave the house without a flower in my hair or in my ears - even when working.As I can't wear any jewellery to work,and make up is no point as with the amount of physical work we do it would just sweat off or get ruined anyways,it's my one concession to glamour.I guess it's also my way of brightening up my Glasgow days a little.

Mum looking beautiful in traditional batik dress
She's missing a flower though.

10. TIGERS - Just my favourite animal.I could spend h
ours at Edinburgh zoo watching them.

Phew,so there you have it.Now there are so many blogs that I regularly read and love,like
Emma, Rapunzel, Roo,Tully and Joy as well as the 3 afore mentioned ladies.So I'm going to give this to some new ladies who's blogs you should absolutely check out...........

* Claire - She's a fab and witty Irish lady living in Spain.Love it!

Roxie - Awesome blog of another lady getting healthy and fabulous

* Ina and Ulrika are both Finnish and both write beautiful blogs about their lives and vintage - Rockabillyness.Wonderful photos

Neen - is Scottish and has lost an inspiring 3 stone so far.Really fun blog.I like the way she writes.

* Florrie - has lost a whole heap of weight already and writes a really funky,colourful,fun blog

I know that's not 10,but I really need to clean up my reading list - way to long to sift through,lot's of blogs that unfortunately have fallen by the wayside.

Thanks again for everyone that's reads my ramblings.xox


Claire M said...

cool post! gonna get on it! thanks for the tag! mucho love. peace out!!xx

Emma said...

Just to let you know I love your blog so I'm passing on this Happy 101 award.

The rules of the tag are:
1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

Thanks for passing it on to me! Look like its going round in circles!

Missa said...

You have been on such a cool journey. I love Batik. Love.

You go with your Aussie-Indo-German bad self!!