Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hangover Saturday

No gym today due to a wee after work drink with a colleague - 'just the one,we'll just get one round each' which ended up being a 3am job.My poor heed!

WI day today,lost 2 lb's.Must admit I was slightly disappointed it wasn't more what with all the gym bunniness and totally on track eating,but then I read a few blogs and articles that said it may not show straight away.Apparently your body needs time to adjust and hell,it must've been a total shock to the system to my body.It's probably clinging onto every drop of fat for dear life!

Anyways,i shall spare you my inarticulate,hungover ramblings and promise you and myself I will stay on track today (no recovery foods!) and take myself to the gym on Monday.Have a great weekend everyone.................weekends hold no significance for me.I've been a shift worker since I was 18 and hence I never get that TGIF feeling.Sleepover shift tomorrow.Working Sundays sucks!


Claire M said...

Eurgh, know the feeling! I've wanted to kick the scales recently! I'm very impatient and with all the hard work I'm wantin' big weight loss!! These things take time though and if we keep at it eventually the scales wil catch up eh?!