Monday, 23 August 2010

Quick update

Hola! Firstly,exercise stats: one hour treadmill,20 mins cross trainer and one hours walk to work.

Next,recipes I want to try this month:

* Teriyaki Chicken (from scratch)
* Sushi
* Lemper (Indo sticky rice rolls)
* Bolu Kukus (I have made these before,but can't get them to open up like the photos)
* Raspberry yogurt cake
* Overnight Date and Bran Muffins (Mum's new discovery)
* German pumpernickel bread - I remember my Opa eating this everyday religiously and my Papa does too.It would be great to be able to make it for him when he comes over,as I never really cook much German cuisine.
* Low sugar,low fat,high fibre fruit loaf - that's the real name of the recipe
* Oaty,Apple Pikelets
* Plum and Cinnamon Cake
* Best Ever Muffins
* Sweet Potato Rosti with Chorizo and grilled veg
* Spinach and Ricotta hotcakes
* Chicken,Olive and Lemon Tagine
* Quesadillas
* Wonton soup

I think that's a good start and I haven't even started looking through my cookbooks!

Plus I've set myself the challenge of absolutely NO READY MEALS for the month of Sept.All meals will be cooked from scratch,even if it's just a hurried meal of veg in miso soup or tinned mackerel,brown rice and sweetcorn (my go to meals when I'm skint and/or pressed for time).The exception will of course be unless I am eating out.Wish me luck!


Emma said...

These recipes sound yum! A good tip for making sure you avoid ready meals is to make larger batches than you need for that night then freeze some so if you have a day where you dont have time to cook you can just get something out of the freezer and heat it up in the microwave. A voila your own home made ready meals!! xx

Seren said...

Some of these sound absolutely gorgeous - loving the sound of oaty apple pikelets especially!

Good luck with the cooking from scratch thing - it can be hard but I think it's so worth it, and I'm definitely another one who cooks double what I need of certain dishes and then freezes individual portions.


GlasgowGalah said...

Snap ladies! I bought myself an under counter freezer at the beginning of the month specifically so I would be able to freeze things and always have ingredients on hand.I promise I'll post recipes and photos....I hate recipes without pictures.

Most of these are from
The Australian Women's Weekly website.Emma,you would know the magazine.

It's aimed at older women but has an AMAZING recipe section and the website is even more awesome.Check it out if you ever need a specific recipe,it's almost certain to have it.Every Australian mother has a collection of their cookbooks :D

3 more days till payday then I can start cooking up a storm!xox

Neen said...

the recipes sound great i love your new challenges! its good to keep a goal in mind it motivates us when we're not feeling it!

Roo said...

I know this has nothing to do with this particular post but I finally saw that video in which you mentioned the other day. The girl with the pink hair is called Maxine Ashley and its a song called "I'm in love" (Alex Gaudino Ft Maxine Ashley).