Saturday, 31 July 2010

First day of Gym Bunny Ahoyness and WI results.

Image by Jennifer Ishida

My first official day at the gym and I felt the burn baby,I FELT THE BURRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

Now don't laugh,as it was only my first day as an uber unfit uber heavy lass but this is what I managed -

* 25 mins solid walking on the treadmill at a power walk pace (for me)

* 15 mins on the cross trainer/elliptical thing.My legs were burning after 5 minutes but I pushed and pushed and sweat like a beeatch.
*10 minutes on the bikes.I didn't like them.I'll try again - maybe I hadn't set myself up comfortably on it.
* 20 minute constant swim.

So a 70 minute workout.Not bad for a first day.Eats were all healthy and 'clean' chocolate today!

Now i need some inspiration as to what workout songs really get you pumped.

For me at the moment its (guilty pleasure)

* The Pussycat Dolls - I thinks it's more the mental image of those skinny sexayy beeatches that pushes me on.'Pussycat Doll body,Pussycat Doll body' is the mantra that goes through my head when they come on my Ipod.OK,they're a bit too skinny and ripped for my liking,but still I wanna be able to kick my leg up behind my head at a perfect 90 degree angle like Kimberly.
* Various operatic Gothic metal - try it.It's surprisingly quite motivating.

* Any of the big showstopper,preferably musical derived,songs from Glee.

* Anything by Pulp,Pearl Jam,Metallica,Rodrigo y Gabriela.
* God's Kitchen Pure Trance Classics. * 80's cheese.
* Marilyn Monroe,Ella Fitzgerald,Billie Holiday,Etta James etc. Even though they are quite slow just the thought of working towards becoming as gorgeously sexy and sassy as them is motivation enough.Just a shame I'm totally tone deaf.

So what's on your workout play list?

Oh! And I nearly forgot.........weigh in!
I weighed myself at my usual Boots store and lost 5 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't believe it was possible and thought it may have been a cruel trick played on me by the cashiers who see me come in each week,so I weighed in again a couple of hours later.
Lo and behold I have lost 5 pounds!!!!!!!! In a week!!!!! And that's pre - Gym.Just by walking and making wiser choices. Back to the gym tomorrow if my body hasn't totally shut down.


Roxie said...

70minutes?! I'm lucky to do 45. Keep it up! Big grats on the good loss :)