Monday, 26 July 2010

A possible self-fullfilling prophecy?

I had an awesomely freaky dream last night...............
It was Christmas time (when I'm going to see my parents).I was at goal,lovely and Monroesque curvaceous but much more slimmed down -just how I imagine myself to be.I was wearing my Tango dress,all dolled up and 1950's fabulous and getting my goal tattoo done at the very tattoo place I have chosen to get it done at.AND the tattoo was exactly as I have pictured it.

See a very similar dress in action

Weird.My dreams are usually a total mish mash of psychedelia.
Feeling very happy though as maybe this is a sign I will actually stick to this and get to goal.......finally!

P.S. I know there is now way i will get to goal in 6 months,but even if I can just be a few stone slimmer I'll be happy.

P.P.S Thanks Erin for the Green Monster recipe and advice.I'm defo going to try one on Weds.


Claire M said...

good luck!you have a great outlook which is a big help when it comes to motivation etc!! you'll look fab in your Sugar Kane dress!!!