Friday, 22 October 2010

I have 100 followers!!!!!

This is apparently a pretty monumental thing in blog land,soooooooooo watch this space as I will be having a wee,but very Miss Frangipani-esque giveaway for all you loyal followers who keep following the starts and re-starts and continue to amaze me by actually reading my ramblings and commenting.I truly do appreciate it and as such,before I forget,this giveaway will be open to any followers anywhere,as I know I have totally awesome readers from all over the planet.

No one I know,as in my face to face daily life knows that I blog............not even the Scotsman or wee sister Re.Even when I'm at home with my flatmates I try and not let them see any of the blog.I don't know about you guys,but I guess it's just because this is the one platform I have to be
completely open and honest.And yes,the Scotsman and I know each other inside out,but being of the male variety he just does not 'get' this whole weight loss thing and everything it encompasses,psychologically as well as physically.

Maybe when I've actually made the half way point I'll tell him and Re about it.But for now,it's just me and you lovely readers :D xoxo


Linz M said...

I know what you mean, I had a minor panic when someone at work saw me blogging and found me!! It's good to have an outlet that no one knows about.

Looking forward to your giveaway! :)