Saturday, 16 October 2010

Where I'm at............

Well the semi - good news is that in 5 weeks of inactivity,excessive drinking and eating I've somehow managed to put on 2 lb's...............far less than I thought of physically feel.

The good news is that my eating has been on track for the last 3 days.Bad news is I haven't been to the gym - yet.I have the flat to myself today and have no intention of leaving the house whatsoever today and just being totally decadent.DVD's,face masks and WW message board and blog catch ups methinks.OH!And I've totally stuck to my no -ready meal challenge.

The last 2 weeks have been a total whirlwind.Worked a 75 hour week before my best friend came all the way from Sydney for a whirlwind 3 day trip.Intense eating,drinking and catching up.Then back to another chaotic week.

I have been relief,full time for the last 2 years and so work as many shifts as I can while they are going,as we have the threat of budget cuts looming over us.I have finally got a permanent contract - albeit 16 hours,but it's working with children which I much prefer.Unfortunately though,I still need to work crazy hours while they're going to make up to full time hours and to have a bit of a nest egg when the cuts come in.

So today will be a day of catching up and finding new blogs,planning meals and new recipes to try.Sorting out my diary with scheduled gym visits and just relaxing and re-charging and getting motivated and back on track!


Life as a Caterpillar said...

Come on, you can do it, i am right behind you!
BEAUTIFUL photo by the way