Thursday, 9 July 2009

In the Immortal Words of Ms Bette Davis.....

Let's not ask for the moon,we have the stars.

(If you've not seen this film,hire it out...NOW!)

Well I'm shooting for the Moon Ms Davis!

When I've been bored at work,and hell,just bored in general,I've been obsessing over calculations in my head.E.g If I lose X amount a week,I could lose X stone by X time and be a size X.

I've calculated it's 25 weeks till Christmas. On Friday (my weigh in day) it will be exactly 25 weeks till the 25th of December.I took this as a sign and have set myself a mini challenge to lose 25 kilos/50 pounds/4 stone by the 25th.It's totally do-able as long as I keep eating the way I am but more importantly,focus and get some regular exercise in.If I don't do it,I'm not going to berate myself for it as long as my losses are consistent.As the many variations on this quote say 'Shoot for the moon,if you fail you'll land among the stars'.