Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coming a full 360...........

Hello Gorgeous Ones,

I miss you all!!!!!!!!!!! I miss blogging! I'm snatching some time at my parents being totally anti-social to bring you a loong overdue blog post.

My life at the mo is divided into two halves - pre wedding and post wedding.

Pre wedding is stress,nerves,being scared in a totally good way,budgeting,money,money,money! etc.

Post wedding is finally getting Internet sorted and an Ipad - I've been converted and settling into married life! EEK!

I never ever thought of myself as the marrying type,I'm still a little unsure about the whole white dress and fancy schmancy do,but it's all done and booked now.And besides,Mama Frangipani would never speak to me again if I did things totally MY way.

However,it's still going to be a very Scottish,very me......uh,I mean US ceremony.Very chaotic,DIY,kitsch and mismatched.That's all I'll say for the moment as I promise I will spam you with pics :D

As for this blog......well wow,it has totally come full circle.I am finally at the point where I am comfortable in my own skin and totally rocking it with fashion.

I mean,I've never been your typical fat chick hiding in black clothes,but now I am wearing things I would have shied away from as a fat chick.And it feels fucking good to not hate my body anymore!!!!!!

I don't know if it's moving back to Australia,being in my 30's,getting married,staying away from fashion magazines,finally  having a job I actually really enjoy or what,but I have never felt happier with myself and mentally healthier.

I am sticking 2 fingers up to society and wearing purple skinny jeans with leopard print jumpers.Gorgeously kitschy,tropical and bright 50's dresses.Snakeskin print leggings channelling my inner 80's cock rocker.Haha! I've gone back to red hair and red lips.

Don't get me wrong,I know I have to lose some weight for my health,but I am LOVING my body at every stage.I am walking at 5am because I enjoy it and it makes me feel pumped for the day,not because I ate 3 Tim Tams the night before.I am doing Zumba twice a week because I have so much damn fun,not because it will burn X amount of calories.I go by myself because I no longer feel self conscious as the token fat chick at an exercise class.I now dress for my body NOW as opposed to buying stuff  5 sizes too small for when I eventually will fit into it

I am balancing food portions and the right types of things to eat,but I am also having cake and carbs and chocolate when I want - just not the whole block!

I am focusing more on being healthy and not on the scale and what society deems acceptable for me.

I am comfortable with the word FAT.No more curvy,voluptuous,buxom etc. etc. I am FAT and fucking fabulous!!!!! My fatness does not impede on my worth as a human being or my attractiveness.I am just as beautiful as anyone out there,and if and when I do lose weight I will still be beautiful.

Being unapologetically fab ;P

Leopard print pants!!!

You make think I'm deluded,you may think I'm an ugly fattie,but do you know what? I don't care what people think anymore.I feel sooooooo much better within myself now that my life isn't ruled by weight loss,a roller coastering self esteem and being too shy to get up and dance in case people laugh at the fat girl.

I do hope all of you will stick with this blog as it will progress more to fashion,OOTD,Make up etc. as well as more recipes - healthy and decadent, and general life in Australia.

But there will still be the health and weight loss updates,it's just that this blog is not going to be ruled by it anymore :D xoxoxox


Anonymous said...

Love the way your focus is on your health, not your size! Also love the way you emphasize the exercise that you do. It took me a LONG time to find ways to get fit that I actually enjoy. I started doing pole dacning, which I love, and now it's easy to lose weight and stay fit because I love what I do! Thanks for sharing! Good luck :)

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