Monday, 16 March 2009

I got my mojo back,babeeeeee! (I want an Aussie bikini body)

Yes,there is nothing like spending a month in Sydney to kick a girls ass into motivation mode.EVERYONE here is so healthy! There are hardly any obese people here - seriously!All my friends and family are slim,healthy,(naturally) tanned and fit and gorgeous.Not everyone is a skinny minnie size zero,far from it,but they just LOOK so healthy and fit.I just feel like a fat blob next to them.

Especially after spending a weekend with my bestest mate,who is a natural size 8 - 10.Now let me tell you,the girl EATS.Like a horse in fact,but she's just blessed with a great metabolism.And she's gorgeous and funny and such a lovely person.The injustice of it all! Lol!

Now she would never,ever make me feel bad about myself......far from it,in fact she is so encouraging and focuses on my positives and is constantly telling me how gorgeous and fab (everyone needs a friend like this) I am and how I WILL do this,as I am determined,without ever being condescending and making me feel like a massive lard @ss.I hope everyone has friends as encouraging as this :D

The problem lies with me and my body issues,I just felt so fat and insecure next to her.No fault of hers.It was just that she was able to fit into cute wee shorts and skirts and lovely little summery halterneck tops.While I was wearing large,loose shirts and wide leg trousers in an attempt to look slimmer than I am.

But,not to worry,I am using this all as a positive,and turning it into motivation.Hopefully when I come back in 13 months to celebrate my 30th,I shall be strutting proudly down the beach in a gorgeous Bettie Page style bikini,or my gorgeous vintage style heels (I am simply to heavy to walk in them painlessly) and one of my 10 (yes,10!) 1950's style summer dresses I bought in a size 14,in order to motivate myself into losing these d@mn pounds,instead of worrying that Greenpeace will call in the rainbow warrior to rescue me from the beach after mistaking me for a beached whale!

And yes,while I haven't been pointing and tracking,I do find that I am subconsciously choosing healthier options and snacking on all the absolutely juicy and divine fruits on offer here.

Hope everyone else is doing well.xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

Can I sign up for one of those Aussie bikini bodies too?!? LOL
UGH... I know the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful tanned and toned bodies, living in South Florida, I'm surrounded!! Ahhhh!!!!
But it truly is good inspiration. I can't wait to see pics of your new dresses (hint, hint)! They must be adorable! That is an awesome idea, to buy the dresses and use them to motivate you!! =)