Monday, 9 March 2009

I'm back!

Well,I haven't been on for a wee while coz I've been busy preparing and am now back home in Sydney,Australia :D

I'm only here for a month,so I am not religiously tracking and pointing things,because,quite frankly,the quality and price of fresh fruit,veg and food is general in Scotland is shite and absolutely extortionate! Whereas over here,the food and fresh fruit and veg is absolutely DIVINE and cheap!!!! Yesterday I got 3 big bags of huge and lusciously sweet and juicy nectarines,peaches and kiwi fruits,and it came to a grand total of 4.50 pounds (no pound sign on this Aussie computer)

Sooooo,basically I want to just enjoy myself and eat as much fruit and good food as I want,coz I'm back in Scotland for at least a year,and it's back to watery apples and pears :( Also,I haven't been home for 5 YEARS!!!!!!) As you can imagine,there are a million and one friend who want to catch up with me for home cooked dinners and socialising at restaurants,and I don't want to be conscious of points and fat content etc. when I've not seen these people for 5 years.

But,I am proud to say,that I have not eaten many bad things or made too many bad choices since I;ve been here,simply because it's wayyyyyy too hot to eat anything greasy,chocolatey,gooily sticky and sweet.No wonder I put on 4 1/2 stone since moving over to Scotland!
And can I just say,there is NOTHING like the site of gorgeous beach bronzed and buff bikini beach bodies to kick a girls ass into getting into shape and shifting some flab! I also found some old photos and old clothes I left at my parents...........and I was slim!!!!!! A size 14!!!!!!!! And to think I used to beat myself up about that and think I was fat!!!!!!

Anyways,the goal still is to be that size by my 30th,which is 14 months away.I can do this and will get serious when I get back to Glasgow.......coupled with the fact that my much slimmer sister is coming back with me,I'm sure I'll be motivated and in the right frame of mind.Next time I come to Sydney I want to strut down the beach in my swimmers with confidence and pride........Hell,maybe even in a bikini!!!!!

Hope everyone else is doing well.xoxo


Anonymous said...

I hope you have lots of fun back home. I wish fruit was that cheap in Wales - we spent £10 yesterday in a market on not too much fruit and veg lol. I think having a bikini bod to strut along beaches by your 30th is a fantastic goal. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

OK... this is too weird! LOL We are so similar, check out my blog. you'll probably get a giggle!! Plus I'm 29 too trying desperately to get back on track and look awesome by my 30th! Too funny! I can't wait to read more!!