Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Well,I put on 3 pounds.I kinda expected a gain after my disastrous weekend,but not that much! I did take out my frustrations from the traumatic shopping trip on a few pieces of southern fried chicken and chips and of course,my former (or so I thought) comforting friend,chocolate.

I did however somehow stay within points,but I did not eat all my points the next few days in an attempt to claw back from my dismal comfort binge.

Oh well.Do you know what though,I'm not gonna get upset about it.I'm not gonna go and self medicate with a bar of chocolate.I'm not going to cry and scream and get depressed.It's just 3 pounds.There are people out there worse off than me and there are greater things in the world to worry about than a few pounds.

Instead,I'm going to go on the treadmill later and track what I am eating for the rest of the week.My trousers feel looser,I am walking faster and further,I am not using my Ventolin as much.I will instead focus on these positives.

Speaking of positives,I would like to share a few positive quotes with you all,as I feel we,women especially,are beating ourselves up too much about conforming to the Western body beautiful,instead of celebrating the fact we are all individual and fabulous and womanly and that we are actually off our arses doing something for,above everything else,our health.

Here is my favourite quote from all time.I cant remember it exactly,but this is it more or less,from a fabulous book called Eva Luna by Isabelle Allende

'When I was 13 I became beautiful.......not because I was,but because I decided I was'

I want to get this tattooed when I get to my goal,in a condensed form,maybe 'I am beautiful because I choose to be'.I would also probably get it another script,maybe Arabic or Thai,so that it would be my little secret inspiration.

I've also just finished reading a book called 'Eat,pray,love' by Elizabeth Gilbert (well recommended,although she does get a bit too 'American and preachy' at times) She talks about a fabulous friend she has who said to her once while she was looking at herself in a mirror

'Admittedly I'm not one who looks fantastic in everything,but still I cannot help loving myself'

And another..............

'To allow others to be your yardstick will keep you enslaved all your life.'



Fat4Now said...

Keep at it :)