Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Blueberry and Lemon Drop Baby Cakes

Aka,Blueberry and lemon drop scones,but why go with conformity when kitsch is more apt.I have been watching too many old films with suave men strutting in and greeting ladies with a flick of their fedora hat and a 'Hello babycakes'.

Again I diverge,back to the recipe.Well,as I was starting work late and hadn't planned on using many points I thought a wee afternoon tea treat was in order :) I found this in an old WW mag,and although my food photography skills aren't up to scratch,believe me,these are DIVINE,and only 3 points for 3 of the wee pancakes.

As for dinner tonight,I saw a recipe for Butternut Squash and Gnocchi Gratin,only 1 1/2 points for a big serving! The original recipe calls for cheese,but I decided it looked rich enough without it.I have never had Gnocchi before,maybe because they look like wee fat grubs,and I have a strange and irrational phobia of worms,grubs and caterpillars.Quite strange for an Australian.Snakes and spiders,no bother! Worms - hyperventilating panic attack! LOL!So anyways,I snuck a cheeky wee bite of one and they are delish,so I am very looking forward to having this for my dinner tonight.

Oh,and before I forget,I lost 1 lb this week,was a little dissappointed after last weeks 4 lb loss,but I did have an indulgent Monday,unexpectedly,as we stumbled upon a half price cocktail bar as a refuge from the snow.I think I stayed within points,however I did do my treadmill today and will continue to do so all this week,just in case.And after all, a loss is still a loss.Hope everyone else is having a good week and good WI's :D xo

Recipes will follow todays menu plan......................

B:Big bowl Special K Creamy Berry Bliss 3

L: 2 weight watchers Pittas 3
Homemade tuna,sweetcorn and mayo filling 6

D: BNS and gnocchi gratin 1.5

S: Blueberry and Lemon Drop Baby Cakes 3
Pineapple 0.5
Cheese Snack a Jacks 2
Clementines 0.5
Apple and Watermelon SF Jelly 0

19.5,8.5 left.Maybe a wee kit kat and a coke to keep me awake at work tonight.

BP: 1.5 Brisk walking on the treadmill,15 mins - not going to use this though and see what my loss is like next week.

Time is running away from me,so I promise I will put these recipes up when I come home tonight or tommorrow afternoon.xo