Sunday, 1 February 2009

Next Weeks (WW Friendly) Baking Delights

Wow,People have actually been reading this :D Thank you everyone and feel free to comment :D

Just to let you all know,I have a few more recipes up my sleeve for next week - Lemon Swirl Cake (Our local butcher sells the most divine lemon curd), Gnocchi and Pumpkin Gratin,Salmon Fishcakes,Blueberry and Lemon drop pikelets (aussie for mini pancakes) as I found a tube of fresh blueberries hiding in my freezer,and ooh,I think something Chocolatey for the weekend - probably will try and adapt one of my decadent delights from my pre WW past.

So keep checking back and I will post the recipes and pictures as I go.Hopefully WW won't be chasing me down for copyright infringements,but as I am a Chef's daughter,I am sure I will make a few adjustments here and there,and then technically it won't be their recipe and that would get me out of that loophole ;P

Don't mean to be shamelessly self promoting,but I just adore food and cooking and sharing that love and swapping ideas.And as much as I want to lose weight I still believe 'FOOD SHOULD BE A PLEASURE'.We should never lose site of that,not just from a culinary side,but from the social aspect of entertaining and socialising.

I haven't really found any sites with WW friendly 'proper' cakes and bakes and recipes,sweet and savoury,so I'm hoping people will find this useful..............and if anyone knows of any sites,pass em my way.

Happy Baking :D xo


Esther said...
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GlasgowGalah aka Steph said...

Has anyone else been getting Emails about a weight loss television program? I've deleted it as I noticed there were posts on the 5+ board to be wary as it sounded quite dodgy.