Sunday, 1 February 2009

A foray into light mayonnaise and a lost mojo.

Has anyone seen my exercise Mojo? I seem to have lost motivation and can't get onto my treadmill or put on a DVD.Could be a mental thing coz it's Sunday - and I have to work :( Sundays in my book are days off for lazing about,not helped by the fact that I can hear my flatmate still partying and drinking from last night in the living room.

I'm getting old.I want to have the energy to do that and even pretend that it excites me,but the truth is,the whole clubbing concept disinterests me these days.......and this is from a girl who used to be able to partaaaaay till 6 in the morning and head straight to work for a 7am,8 hour shift!!!!!

I will however,get off the bus 2 stops earlier,which will mean a 10-15 minute walk to work,and perhaps do the same on the way back home tonight - if it doesn't snow as predicted! And there,that will be 20-30 mins walking without even being conscious of it!

I tried light mayonnaise for the first time today,my fellow foodies would faint,but it had to be done,and yes,it wasn't too bad at all :) I think my former aversion to it was partly psychological,although I do find that a lot of fat/sugar/salt free stuff tastes rather 'synthetic'.I still eat full fat cheese,however I use a lot less of it.I am however now using low fat spreads instead of butter,ww yogurts,semi skimmed milk and having breakfast - although this seems to go out the window and turn into brunch on a weekend :P

WI day is Tues and hopefully I'll have another good loss after my 4 lb/2 kg loss last week.i was dead chuffed,and yes,I still am having trouble getting my head around pounds and stone,hence my ticker thing being in Kg's.Hope everyone else is having a good week and if you find my mojo,please post it back to me.

Here's todays menu plan.............

Brunch: Homemade sweetcorn,tuna,cheese,lightmayo filling 3.5
Pitta 2

D: 1/4 somerfield healthy living quiche lorraine 4
Salad 0
Homemade wedges 1

S: Pineapple 0.5
Apple 0.5
WW dessert recipe yogurt 1
Cheese snack a jacks 2
Clementines 0.5
McVities yogurt break raspberry 2.5
Mini mars bar 2.5

5 points left,plus I was meant to have a bowl of cereal and S.Skim milk for 3 points,might have that before work to fill me up,but if not that's 8 points left................chocolate me thinks :D xox