Saturday, 31 January 2009

OUCH! My heed!

As my lovely Glaswegian boy would say.Yes last night was a decadent one - Friday night is the only night I drink and the only one of 2 nights I see my lovely boyfriend without either of us having to rush out for work early the next morning.As he'd just been paid,my lovely man brought over a bottle of spanish cava paled in comparison.

Nonetheless,Champagne with raspberries was enjoyed and before we knew it the bottle of cava was opened :D Cue sore head today.I was going to do my 'hip hop aerobic' DVD this morning,but alas,it shall have to wait till this evening.(And yes,I had saved some points and had some bonus exercise points saved for the Friday night indulgence)

Here is todays menu:

Brunch: Leftover homemade hamburger from last night 7

D:WW curry ready meal 5.5

S:snack a jacks 2
ww raspberry tart yogurt 1
pineapple 0.5
clementines 0.5
apple 0.5
raspberry go ahead yogurt break 2.5
mini mars bar 2.5

4 points left,might save them for morrow