Friday, 30 January 2009

Paris Hilton and egg white omelettes.UGH!

What a vacous tool! She's in town promoting her 'find a British best friend' tv show and honestly,all the interviews I've seen of her are like pulling teeth.The girl is truly an air head! Or a terribly good actress,putting on a dumb blonde act (no offence to blondes,my best mate is blonde and a very intelligent teacher :) All she's famous for is being famous,and my god,the girls is SKINNY !

When will this madness of worshipping at the temple of thin ever end? Stick her next to the Monroe and see what people find sexy.Size 14 will be fine by me :D

I have been seeing a lot of posts about egg white omelettes,but I am sorry,no matter how desperate I am to lose weight,there is no way I will eat an egg white omelette - that is just bordering on madness in my book.Food should be pleasure,even when on a 'diet'.Pure,unadulterated pleasure,and that includes eggs,thank you very much!

On that note,heres todays menu.................

B:2 medium eggs 2.5
3 slices toast 2
1/8 pint S.skim milk 0.5

L: Steamed chicken breast 2.5
Baby corn,mangetout,carrots,brocolli 0.5
Potato 1

D: Homemade burger and salad with homemade wedges 7.5

S:Cheese snack a jacks 2
Pineapple 0.5
Kiwi Fruits 0.5
Apple 0.5
Clementines 0.5
Crunchie 3.5
Mini kit kat 2.5

26 points,2 points left over :D