Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hola! And a lil' frangipani obsession.......

Firstly I have to say CONGRATULATIONS to the fabulous and gorgeous Linzerello on her engagement and her fantastic loss so far.

Well,after a long absence due to total shame and embarrassment of falling of the wagon for yet the millionth time I am back and will keep climbing this here damn weight loss mountain till I win!

Yes,I'm an Aries.Too stubborn and determined for my own good sometimes.

And thank you Miss Margarita for kicking my ample ass into gear

And,I think I may have found my (registry) wedding dress........and it's got frangipanis on it!!!!!! FRANGIPANIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is totally epic in my world.Oh yeah,I blogged about it before,didn't I? Well that's the kind of delirium that a lack of frangipani's and hibiscus for 7 years has done to me.

Anyways,enough floral talk.

Well,the budget cuts have come into effect at work and it's probably been for the best.Yeah my wallet has shrunk from a 'beer wallet (as in 'champagne taste,beer wallet') to a buckfast wallet.Don't know about the Scottish delight that is buckfast? Check this................

However I am less psychotically stressed out and seeing the lovely Scotsman on a regular basis.And I have my Sundays back after 13 years which may be slightly,but only just,more epic than frangipani wedding dresses.

The Scotsman and I have a whole week off together starting Saturday afternoon at 5pm and we are hitting London town.Not much relaxation for us though,it's all in the name of his Aussie visa.Recently I feel my life has been consisting of sleep,work,visa stuff,sleep,work,visa stuff,sleep,work visa stuff..............

Fingers crossed it will all be worth it in the end.We dream of a hippy punk lifestyle.Veggie patch in the garden,morning walks on the Kiama beach with a Harlequin great dane,sunshine and Linkfrangipanis in the air,me cooking and baking for all my loved ones and him doing all the cleaning ;P And maybe a wee baby frangipani one day............................


Linz M said...

Thanks for the shout out :) Have a fabulous week off! Love the dress, I am currently in full on 'find a dress I like mode'!