Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I have just discovered where I can buy a frangipani print - pin up - wiggle dress,featured on the cover of Vintage Life magazine.

This has been motivation enough for me to go for a long walk and eat a salad for dinner.


Emma said...

ohhh where??? i've been lusting after this dress since I saw it on the cover a few weeks back! x

Miss Frangipani said...

Hi Emma,How've you been? I'm still catching up on my favourite blogs.

So you can get the mag over there? That's so cool......I'm already making lists of all the things I need to track down when we hopefully (fingers n toes crossed all goes wel) get back home.

Anyways,it's a Collectif 'Stella' dress.I think they send to Oz,but if not of course I forget you can get your mum to send it.


It comes in blue too and another halterneck style without the white trimming.I don't know which to choose!xo

Emma said...

Hey sweet,
Im good, hows plans for moving over going? I subscribed to the digital issues its 7.99 for a year which i think is a bargain! x