Saturday, 25 February 2012


Hello sweethearts!
I am now (FINALLY) writing this from Sunny SYDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!! Those of you following me on twitter @msfrangipani will know all the ins and outs of the last few months,those of you that don't do twitter,well sheesh,where do I start?
Firstly I must apologise to my twitter followers.It's been a total roller coaster thanks to the in laws.I thought I was really lucky and blessed to have great in-laws.Turns out I was soooooooo wrong.Now,if someone hurts me I become a fierce beeatch (not the glamorous fierce,the vicious kind) but if someone hurts my loved ones,especially my Scotsman or my wee sister I become a fcuking vengeful FIEND!
So,sorry if my tweets have been a little bitchy.Social networks turn me into a passive-agressive beeatch,and well it's fun to taunt stoopid people,esp if they are shit stirring,mixing little beeatches who follow me on twitter.ha!
It's a long winded story,but let's just say some people have nothing better to do with their time as they are lazy a*holes who can't be bothered to get off their arse at the age of 22 and find a job,hence they feel the need to mix and stir with other people's live and emotions.And it is true,there is ALWAYS a good twin and an evil twin!
The Scotsman's family made our last 2 weeks in Scotland the worst when they should have been the happiest.We both cried veritable oceans,and it all came to a head on his VERY LAST NIGHT when his own twin sister waited till his last few hours to tell him she wasn't coming to our wedding.He begged and pleaded and still she wouldn't budge.I think there's a lot of jealousy coming from his sisters and niece,but c'mon,that's your ONLY brother and uncle?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
So we spent 48 hours (that's another story) with all this negativity and general crap going through our heads.
I'm really trying to work on just cutting them out of my life and my head but I just can't forgive the hurt they've inflicted on my Scotsman.Now I know I'm biased,but he is honestly the sweetest thing ever.He doesn't have it in him to ever hurt anyone and is too nice for his own damn good sometimes.Maybe that's why his twin is such a beeatch.MIAOW!
Right,I must stop that.Any tips on getting over angry vengeful thoughts please let me know!It's really not me and I hate that they are able to get me so angry and bitchy.
We have now been here 2 weeks and it's been absolute bliss.We've spent nearly every day at the beach.I've probably walked,swam and generally been active more in the last 2 weeks than I have the last 7 years!
We've hardly drank and are eating so uber healthy it's ridiculous.Fingers crossed it keeps up,but this hot weather certainly helps.
Anyways sweets,I just wanted to keep you all updated and let you know I haven't forgotten about this wee corner or the getting healthy issue.
I will be regularly updating this and will post up some photos soon.Till next time.


Emma said...

Hey hun
Sorry to hear the family-in-law were such asses just before you came out here! I guess you just have to think that hating them only hurts you cos your the one carrying around all those negative feelings. It affects you more than it does them so sometimes you just have to let it go and concentrate on all the positives that you have in your life now that you're back in the sunshine!!

Miss Frangipani said...

Thanks sweets,that's what I'm trying to think.All this negative energy is not good at all,and like you say,it hurts me more than it hurts them.I just hate seeing how hurt the Scotsman is.But,having a brilliant life in the sun is the BEST revenge,esp when I think jealousy had a lot to do with it.

I hope you're OK and the job leaving wasn't on bad terms.While we both have free time we should try and meet up for a wee coffee at Cronulla or something if you want if that's not too weird,Haha!


Tim said...

Hopefully in time (sooner rather than later) they'll come to their senses and realise that you and him have a great opportunity to have a wonderful life together in Australia.

I'm glad you're having a wonderful time. The pictures i've seen on twitter have been amazing (apart from the spider pic!!). Looking forward to seeing some more!