Monday, 27 February 2012

This will blow your mind......or maybe just mine....and Timmo Young's.

Those of you not acquainted with the Aussie delight that is the Tim Tam, let me enlighten you and blow your freaking mind!
Those in the UK,during my near 7.5 years in the UK,I was told that the 'Penguin' was a very close substitute.It is not.It is like drinking Passion Pop after being introduced to the delights of Champagne.Having stewing steak after trying Wagyu beef......I've actually never tried Wagyu beef yet,but I'm told it's a comparison.

The Tim Tam has cult status in Australia.It may sound simple.2 choc biccies,think like a bourbon cream cookie component.BTW why are they called Bourbon creams? I sense no alcomohol? Anyways,2 of those cookies sandwiched with a chocolate cream and then dipped in chocolate.
Simple yeah? Au contraire.These little delights are simply O-gasmic.Even better when you do a TIm Tam slam,where the opposing corners are bitten off and coffee or hot chocolate are sucked through leaving a gooey,chocolatey,heavenly mess.
When I left Sydney we were getting our minds around the DOUBLE COATED TIM TAM.It came out apparently,due to consumers requests for thicker chocolate for a Tim Tam slam.
Then,I went to the supermarket for some a bits and bobs and what I saw!!!!!


Excuse the poor picture quality.Felt deranged enough taking photos on my phone,let alone a proper camera.
We have normal,double coated,double coated chewy caramel,normal chewy caramel,dark choc,dark choc mint,black forest,honeycomb and I saw creme brulee somewhere.
Sadly,it's been too bloody warm for a Tim Tam slam.


Tim said...

Oh. My. F'ing. God. Get me on a plane to Australia.

That's all I need to say.

Sezzajp said...

I remember Natalie Imbruglia talking about these on Graham Norton years ago! Very specific instructions on how you had to eat them, lol!

Sarah. x