Sunday, 3 May 2009

Beware the Evil Starbucks!!!!!

I'm sure I have seen many a post both on blogs and the WW 5+ board warning readers about the calorific Starbucks goodies. I also personally hate Starbucks because it's an evil global corporate conglomerate that have managed to even get their claws into the Forbidden City in China.So wrong.So,so wrong.Alas I did not heed the warnings and gave up my principles for a day and following are the consequences :(

Yesterday Angel-Boy and I were both working in the city so we decided after a leisurely lie in to have breakfast out together.AB was craving a panini,and he is a MAJORLY fussy eater,especially when he sets his mind on something.I'm a far more adventurous eater (water buffalo intestines on lotus stalks,anyone?) and can usually find something on any menu we happen upon.AB settled upon Starbucks,I thought I would wisely choose some fruit and yogurt and water,but as it was nearing 12 and we hadn't eaten a thing,In was quite ravenous and therefore thought I wisely chose the tuna panini.Uh-uh!..............9.5 points!!!!!!! EEK! Luckily I managed to salvage some the rest of the day with low point dinner and snacks,and the panini was my breakfast and lunch combined (not good,I know!)

Oh well,no point getting worked up about it still stayed within points and know to be wiser next time.I'm not expecting as big a loss this week,if one at all,and will just look forward to being more on track careful next week.

I'm ashamed to admit that I have not done anywhere near the exercise I had planned for myself this week :( Not even got on my treadmill this week but I have walked a lot more by getting off the bus earlier,blah blah,all the usual tricks we all know and love and have hammered into us everywhere we go.

Well,I have to sign off now as I have to work.Shift working and weekends suck!Hope everyone else is going well.xo


Sara said...

Lol, I almost died the first time I came back from having a latte at Starbucks (tall) and realised I'd forgotten to ask for skinny, only to discover I'd just made 4.5 points worth of damage!! WHAT??!! I mean, that's insane... and for a DRINK. So yeah, I steer clear now :-)
Good luck this week :)

GlasgowGalah said...

It's crazy isn't it,and as evil as it is both calorie wise and ethically,it is just soooooooo good! xo