Tuesday, 12 May 2009

There's a thin person inside of me screaming to get out.......................

..................I just shut the bitch up with Chocolate.

Stayed the same this week.I'm happy not to have gained,but I did walk a lot this week,to and from work......mostly chasing after various forms of public transport,but nonetheless I am a teeny tiny bit disappointed that I didn't have a wee loss.

I worked absolutely CRAZY hours this week - 45 in 4 days (12 hour shift over the weekend and Monday) so I haven't been as active as I probably should've.

I do have 3 days off though and am DETERMINED to see at least a 2 pound/1 kilo loss next week,if not better.I promise myself I will move my ass this week and get on the treadmill,or walk around the park (as it's SUCH gorgeous,sunny weather,even here in Glasgow!) or do one of my exercise dvd's - I'm showing my age,was about to write video! Possibly both as I am sooooo mentally drained from work,I just want to chill out at home.So,please feel free to give me a verbal bashing if I come back online and have reported no activity for Weds,Thurs and Fri.

I am also thinking about going back to meetings too,for that extra encouragement and mentally feeling that I have someone I am 'accountable' too.It's just a bit hard being an agency shift worker and fitting in a regular meeting time.

Well I'll sign off now as it's an unbelievably gorgeous and sunny day here and so I'm off to the park with a good book and a picnic and the determination to go for a wee walk afterwards.Will be making Cafe style Banana Bread and Fresh Plum Tea Bread when I get home due to a surplus of fruit and some guests coming over tonight,so I will post photos and recipes as I promised when I first started this blog.

Hope everyone else is doing well.xoxox