Saturday, 30 May 2009

Dear Future Me....................

To be sent April 18th 2010, .........

Hey Future Me,

How are you? Are you looking FABULOUSLY pin up sexy and slim and about to put on your cherry dress and killer red heels? Are you wearing that sexy blue corset that AngelBoy couldn't wait to see you in a year ago?

Where have you decided to go to celebrate? Are you in Prague? Tallinn? Barcelona? Florence? Have you booked that Intrepid Cairo - Istanbul trip? Or perhaps somewhere else? Either way I hope you have some major adventure planned for your 30th year on this earth.

What did AB get you? Has he got his Aussie visa yet? I hope you've got savings in a joint account and are well on your way to moving back home - do you maybe have a date set? Are you still living in the same flat? With the same flat mates? Hope you're all still getting along.I don't see why not.

Are you sickeningly fit? Can you run around the park yet? Have you beaten AB in a race? How's wee sister going? Is she still in Glasgow? Hope all is going well with her.I hope YOU'VE found a job you love at long last.And the plans to study to be a midwife are still being focused on.

Just how much weight have you lost by the way missus? 7 stone? 8 stone? 42 kgs? 48 kgs? What size are you now? Did you make sure you went to a meeting every single week? Did you combat your comfort eating and chocolate addiction? Are your eating habits truly changed for the better.Is exercise now a daily routine for you?

I know you won't be reading this disappointed because you WILL have done this!!!!!!!!!

xoxoxo Old Me


Rapunzel said...

You will be reading that note with complete satisfaction, twinkling your toes and walking on Cloud 9 in those killer heels!

Lainey said...

Hey there

Loving your blog lady and am using to give myself a wee needed kick up the proverbial. Sounds like you're really determined - looking forward to hearing more!

Lainey x

GlasgowGalah said...

Awww,Ladies,thank you very much for your lovely comments.Look forward to spurring each other on and loving your blogs as well.xoxo