Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A nearly mortifying experience!

I had a briefing today for a job I have on Friday at a conference centre for a creche.We were told we would be provided uniforms and I though that it would be a matter of just filling in a form and handing it in to the supervisor,saving afore mentioned mortification.

Noooooooooooo,the supervisor just asked us all in front of each other,and the 2 other agency girls,who are lovely,but size 14's .I just wanted the floor to swallow me up,but luckily I must have some good karma stored away somewhere as the supervisor diplomatically said that she had one which she thought would fit me,saving all embarrassment.

Yet another reason to lose weight and kick my ass onto the treadmill.I NEVER want to be that embarrassing position again.I remember in year 6,when I was about 10 or 11,for some silly maths exercise or something ridiculously irrelevant,we all had to come to the front of the class and be weighed,this was all in confidence..................but the teacher then wrote everyone's weights,anonymously,onto the board. (I think we had to figure out the average for the class or something) I wasn't the biggest in the class,but I was certainly one of the bigger pupils and was dying inside to see my weight up there in black and white,heavier than most of the other kids,for everyone to see.I was 45 kgs/7 stone and about the height I am now - 5'4/163cm.

I remember reading an interview with the fabulously luscious Aussie actress Deborah Mailman,who is gorgeously curvy and totally,brilliantly talented to boot,but she had a very similar story when she was young,except the children's names were next to the weights and she was the heaviest.It was called the 'weight tree'.Deborah was talking about how it totally traumatised her throughout her childhood and still affected her self esteem,even in her 20's.

Mortifying experience number 2: I asked my partner what he weighs,as he is a wee skinny thing.I love him perfectly the way he is,he may be skinny but he still has lovely abs and arms for his frame.I've never been attracted to big muscly fact it's a bit of a turn off for me.And I've always been self conscious of the fact that I am so big and curvy and he's so skinny,but anyways,I diverge! I asked him what he weighs and he is 9 stone!!!!! I'm literally double his weight!!!! I know I'll never be 9 stone,nor do I aim to be,but it's a reality check that I am walking around with literally my boyfriends weight as excess (I figure I need to lose 7-8 stone/44.5 - 50 kgs) and with thighs double his size!!!!

Hopefully I will finally be posting a loss next week - and for many weeks after that.Good luck!!!! xox


VRaz60 said...

Good luck to you. I can identify with moment #2, only my moment came in college!! You're on the right track now, with a new mind set, so best to you as you take your journey anew.

Rapunzel said...

A humbling moment for me is realizing that my 6' sweetie only weighs about 15 pounds more than I do right now. *gulp* At 5'2", it's obvious that I should not be weighing anywhere near the same as he! He's a bit on the thin side but still..sigh...I want to be the tiny little thing he used to date way back when, or at least somewhere in the vicinity of that size!

GlasgowGalah said...

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies,we can defintely do this!I'm channeling my inner pin up that's raring to get out :D xox

Jaframity said...

I loved Deborah Mailman when she was in The Secret Life Of Us - thought she was just gorgeous.
It seems that year six must be the curriculum age for doing that particular maths exercise. We did it when I was that age too a long time ago. I was on the skinny side back then, but the girl who was the largest, again supposedly anonymously, years later was featured in Slimming Magazine as a successful slimmer and she mentioned there how awful she had felt. How sad that children have to suffer that.

Fat4Now said...

gl gl :)