Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bullet biting.

Well I bit the bullet and did it.I finally walked through the doors and joined a meeting.Starting weight a disgusting 19st 5lb,but this is the last time I will ever see those numbers on a scale again.

I feel uber positive already,the leader lady is an absolute sweetheart and I warmed to her straight away.She has a picture of herself at her heaviest blown up and displayed behind her at the meeting,which I have never seen a leader do before.She focuses on everyones loss and involves everyone in the discussions,whether they've lost a pound or 3,and re-iterates the fact that a pound lost is still a pound less and to be celebrated.

The rest of the ladies in the group are lovely and friendly and a whole age range from all different walks of life.This is the first meeting I've ever been to where I feel totally at ease.

My second day totally in the zone and it's all systems go! I'm working uber hours this week - including 4 waking nights,which totally buggers up my eating patterns,but all has been planned to a tee.I'm even going to try and do some form of exercise while I'm here (10 hours of basically sitting around doing nothing).

I've even transformed my treadmill from a clothes-horse to a proper exercise machine.20 minutes this morning,not much but I sweated like a beeatch and pushed that speed up higher and higher till I couldn't push it no more....probably a snails pace compared to most but I'll get there eventually.

Hope everyone else is doing well.xox


kimberlina said...

Sounds like you are totally in the zone!!! Go for it - you'll have a great week I'm sure. Kimx

Jaframity said...

Feeling comfortable at your meeting and liking the leader is a big plus and will keep you going back. You sound like you're motoring! Good on you!

Sara said...

Glad to hear you're all motivated! Go for it! :-)

Rapunzel said...

WTG! I'm with you on the treadmill sans clothing hanger, I dusted off mine earlier this week and feel wonderful about that decision!

Lainey said...

Loving the motivation! Sounds like you'll be feeling like a new woman in no time!

Keep the updates coming - I'm hooked!

VRaz60 said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! I am so happy for you. Finding the right "fit" in those meetings is crucial. You'll be successful, I just know it. Good for you.

Any speed on the treadmill is a good speed. It means you're working on YOU.